Harley Quinn Card in the Game of New 52 Pick Up

Hi my name is Nathan and I use all media platforms this was w/ ink,color pencils. Please reply and ask for more work especially with Harley,lobo,or my other work thanks again

IMG_0282_kindlephoto-9029556 Hi,I usually use Rembrandt pastels and other.media as well this piece was my first Harley Quinn ever. I thought she needed her own card. This was made around the time of the new 52 start.Please let me know what you think ,seriously I enjoy talking about Harley in my art she haunts me there for some reason. Only a psychologist could figure that out. :harley_hv_3:


Cool! You did great with the details.

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Very awesome


Nice! Pastels give it a nice texture. This is a cool design!

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Great job! Do you have any in pastels? I’d love to see more if you’ve got em! :+1:
Ps. I’m gonna saaaay: Harls haunts you because you appreciate her complexity. :face_with_monocle: