‘Harley Quinn’ Animated Spinoff Nabs HBO Max Pickup

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As if it wasn’t enough to wait 2 years in between HQ seasons. Assuming it gets renewed for season 4, I’m pretty confident this spinoff means it’ll be at least 3 more years before we see that. Animation already takes long enough, so I’m just not sure why they’d wanna stretch themselves even more thin like this. This show had really better be worth it

well this actually sounds fun, I am hoping for a confrontation between Kitman and Captain cold.

Covid did stall a lot of things It’s why we got Eat, Bang Kill tour as a stopgap.

I think it is obvious. The end of episode 26 was always their endgame. They cannot come up with what they think is a satisfactory sequel to Quinn, and they are more interested in spinoffs.

I also saw one of the showrunners left, and replacing him might not be going well.

Yeah, I highly doubt that. Harley and Ivy’s story is just getting started and they’re clearly passionate about this world and continuing to develop it. Granted, I think that’s perhaps to a bit of a fault, but it hardly makes me worried they don’t know how to continue the main show

Where did you see that? As far as I can tell, Patrick Schumacker, Justin Halpern and Dean Lorey are all still on the show

From Wikipedia on season 3.

“Schumacker also revealed that Dean Lorey would no longer be available to return as showrunner for season 3 and would be replaced by new co-showrunners Chrissy Pietrosh and Jessica Goldstein alongside him and Justin Halpern”

Following the footnotes it is from a Baltimore ComicCon interview that is 68 minutes long.

I hate to not follow the footnote to the exact time, but I do not want to check through the entire video until I find it.

With the comic continuing where season 2 left off, I was skeptical at that point on a season 3.

That’s really surprising. I don’t know why there wouldn’t be a single news story about that, but if it’s coming from Schumaker, then I don’t really have reason to doubt it. But I’m also seeing among the news about Noonan’s being picked up that Lorey is gonna be the showrunner of that, so maybe this is why he left. I still think Schumacker and Halpern may be stretching themselves too thin, but if they’re bringing in other writers to fill the gaps, maybe it won’t be quite as bad as I fear

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Since comic book shows are notorious for returning everything to where it was at the start of the episode, Harley Quinn stood out in not following that pattern. In the first 26 episodes, they kill off Penguin and Mr. Freeze and hook Ivy up with Harley. They’ll be challenged to maintain that pace for future seasons.

The mature content was already showing cracks in the seams early on, with them unable to show Maxie Zeus nude or have Dr. Psycho say the c word, yet it was supposedly R-rated. I think the mature content badge will prove to be more of a double-edge sword for them in future season(s)

Also, prepare for this discussion to happen over and over between the show runners and DC:
“But James Gunn got to do X on Peacemaker”
“You’re not James Gunn”
…with DC keeping them on a shorter leash