Harley Quinn Animated on TBS?


The cross-promotion with TBS in the form of DCember is pretty cool, but I must admit that I am flabbergasted that anyone would even try to put the Harley Quinn premiere on regular TV, even if it does air at 11:00 at night. Will they edit it or leave it alone?

I suppose all of the folks who objected to the profanity and violence of the premiere might be happy watching a sanitized version instead … :thinking:


I only watch stuff on streaming networks, so I’m not sure which category TBS falls in, but at that time of night, I’m sure they’ll give it a pass.

I might have to tune in just to see what gets edited and what gets left in. I would think that that level of profanity would get at least somewhat censored, but I’ve also seen f-bombs get dropped on cable channels after 10

If it’s edited, I hope the censored version makes its way here or it is available to stream because I don’t have cable.

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Wow this is out of nowhere. I thought this was a troll post at first but huh…
Usually we’d hear if these DCU shows would air elsewhere like with Doom Patrol S2 on HBO Max or Stargirl on CW.

Really weird we didn’t hear anything about this earlier.
I honestly thought if it were to air on T.V. it would be on Adult Swim. Then again I don’t think I watched anything ever on TBS so idk.

Applejack mentioned this during the WAL. She said the editing for TBS was…challenging.


Oh okay, what’s WAL btw?

The watch-a-longs!

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If a lot of time and effort was spent editing it, might as well display the hard work as much as possible and share it here. Then, parents with children who may inevitably watch the show with their children will not expose them to as many problems. FFT.

I wonder how many bleeps it’ll have.

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I can’t wait to record it to see if there will be any “Yipee ki-yay, Mr. Falcon!” moments.

I imagine “golly” or “shucks” could be substituted for other more, ahem, “colorful” words. :wink: