Harley Quinn and The Birds of Prey

BIRDS OF PREY is being described as dark, sensual, seductive, & batshit insane.


I’d buy a ticket now if possible.

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mmm don’t threaten me with a good time lol


SDCC is going to be bonkers this year.

Thats the way I imagine it to be

I can’t wait. I’m hoping it will be like a mix of Knock Knovk and Look Away, two of my favorite dark movies :o


I hope “fantabulous” is utilized in alot of the marketing. It’s a, well, fantabulous word.


I can honestly say that does not make me want to see the movie more. That description on its own sounds like a lot of excuses for cheap titillation and little to no story structure.


I’m still curious why they’re mashing a Harley movie together with a Birds of Prey movie. Why not a Gotham City Sirens movie or just a Harley movie or just a Birds of Prey movie? Also… it won’t really be a BoP movie without Oracle to me. If we get some indication that Oracle is present, at least as a voice in people’s ears/mask on a screen, then I might be more interested in the movie than annoyed by it.

Although, I agree with @Vroom, ‘fantabulous’ is most definitely a fantabulous word. :slight_smile:

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@c02goddess.16092 Margot Robbie is a producer on the BoP film, so that may be part of it. Another reason may be the rise in Harley Quinn’s mainstream popularity. Since the Birds are typically an all-female team, why not throw in what is currently their most marketable female character right now?
As for a GC Sirens film, that has been talked about for a while; I don’t know if it’s still on the table or if they’re doing the “fantabulous emancipation” instead.
I just hope they do Cassandra Cain justice, mostly by omitting anything based on James Tynion IV’s writing.

Also recently read Harley isn’t a part of the BoP team. She’s “a thorn in their side”. My guess is she does something that draws the attention of the BoP and Black Mask, putting both of them on her trail.

I’ll be honest. I have no idea how to feel about this. I don’t think it’ll be a big profit for DC , at least right now. There’s so many superhero movies out that I feel like DX would benefit by holding back all their ideas.

As far as BOP and Harley, I hope the story is interesting and different. Crossing my fingers.

That description worries me that they may Synderize the movie screwing it up completely.

I’m really looking forward to it. Love the BoP books, so if this movie hits close to that mark in terms of look and feel it could be a gem.

Honestly birds of prey is stupid since Harley Quinn isn’t even apart of that group but I still plan on watching it cuz Harley Quinn is my second favorite character only behind nightwing