Harley Quinn Airing on SYFY

I don’t mind DCU shows going to other networks/services, but do wish there was a reciprocation of some kind. Like how we got the first season of Krypton, I’d like to share more shows. I wouldn’t mind getting the Green Lantern show a bit later after it airs on HBO Max. I’d like to see some CW stuff on here since Stargirl is going to be on their network.

It’s not a deal-breaker for me, since I read the comics and love the original content produced by DCU. What I’m saying is that it’d be nice if there were a give/take relationship with other DC properties on different networks/services. It’s okay if we get a show 6 months or whatever after it airs on another network/service, I just want this property sharing to go both ways. Again, I liked that they brought Krypton and other DC shows to DCU. I don’t want that to stop. Sharing is caring.


Well, Batwoman is the only show not covered by the CW/Netflix contract. Stargirl won’t be covered by that either.

I’ll be glad once HBOMAX drops and we actually the new lay of the land. I think you might very well see more sharing of specific types of content, especially after first runs are over.


Maybe it’s DCU repaying in trade. Krypton S1 dropped out of the sky. Maybe we owed them something in return and HQ S1 is what they are getting back in trade.


From what I’ve seen, Batwoman is definitely going to be on HBO Max. It’s pretty normal, just that instead of Netflix it’ll be on the other service.

I’m sure it will be on HBOMAX, it just does occur that it might not only be on HBOMAX. I don’t see many people subscribing to HBOMAX just to watch Batwoman. So they could share it here and I doubt it would take away from their subscription base.


It’s also important to note that Warner Bros literally owns CW, DCU, and HBOMax. So I’m sure most of these shows that aren’t already locked into deals with Netflix will be passed around and shared on all these platforms.


I don’t think syfy has any say in streaming for shows that they don’t produce, like Krypton. I remember that they said the reason that they canceled The Expanse was that the majority of its viewers were from streaming, which they didn’t get anything from.

Sorry, I know I’m a bit late to this comment, but you’d actually be surprised that they probably wouldn’t have to. The FCC has no say in channels and television that are subscribed to. Syfy is a cable channel, meaning people have to subscribe to cable to watch it. Therefore, Syfy isn’t bound to any FCC regulations (so long as what they’re showing isn’t illegal). It’s why shows like South Park or Breaking Bad are okay. Syfy could definitely air the whole show uncensored. That being said, Syfy certainly has their own internal regulations and censorship board which are probably gonna want to censor stuf. But they are by no means required to.

To the best of my knowledge, Harley will NOT be censored on SYFY. They will air 4 episodes a week in a row, starting at 11pm EDT on May 3.

What do you guys think of Alien News Desk is it kek or cringe?

If they can air Happy, they can air Harley Quinn uncensored.

The way I see it, shows premiering on DC Universe then airing on network or cable television the next day is no different from shows like Bob’s Burgers and The Good Place appearing on Hulu the day after they air on television. It’s just going from a paid streamer to a paid broadcaster instead of the other way around.

I agree the more people that can see it the more money they’ll make to make more seasons. Also if it goes to SyFy and gets edited people who don’t watch R can see it while those of us who find censoring annoying can still enjoy it here. Not too mention all the other reasons to use the app, comics, movies, shows, news updates, have the Community where you can discuss DC related topics. More people we get coming here the better.

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I’ll make any concession for more DOOM PATROL

Krypton was floundering and with the release of season 2 on SYFY, they were trying to get as many eyes on the new season as possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m super sad Krypton was axed. Season 2 finally started covering real ground and showcasing interesting storylines. But after the first season’s war general arc, it was hard to come back from, even with the extra eyes offered by DCU.

It’d be even nicer if SYFY allowed season 2 Krypton on DCU. Lobo is amazing in it.

Has anyone seen Harley Quinn on SyFy? How is it, any different?

a lot of editing and bleeps.

But in all fairness I am fine with DC content appearing on other networks if it means more episodes. My biggest gripe right now is I wish there was a list of where to go to watch the animated movies. I keep going to watch one and it has ended up leaving the service. Hopefully HBOMax will have a lot of them on there.


There’s a great website called just watch. You can search for a movie and it’ll tell you what streaming platforms they’re on. Maybe look there if you’re trying to find one in particular. :slight_smile:


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