Harley Quinn Airing on SYFY

Another DC Universe show airing elsewhere: SYFY is going to start airing season 1 episodes May 1st.



Nice! Hopefully with it airing on SyFy and Adult Swim there will be a ton more eyes on it. Definitely a show I want to have keep going and be seen by as many people as possible. These additional networks picking it up will also hopefully mean more funding goes into it in later seasons!!!


I would think it would need to be edited to be on SyFY ?


That is the best response, thank you for not being negative! What a great outlook. :smiley:

And what a great point too


It’s only the first season that’s being aired on SYFY. It’s fantastic cross-promotion. People will see it and might be inclined to sign up for DC Universe to see the second season (and unedited first season)


People are very sensitive when it come to DCU shows airing on other platforms/channels, but I only see the positives. I understand the appeal of exclusivity, but DCU is so much more than the originals. In my opinion, if that’s the only reason a person’s on here (and not for all of the great comics and community and other stuff) maybe this isn’t the service for them. Shows airing on other networks brings in more eyes, builds the community, and brings more monetary funding to the shows. There’a really no downside haha! Glad you agree!


I completely agree @OmniLad!


I’m not going to lie I think it’s a good idea but I do have one concern. What’s the point of keeping DCU? I mean Doom Patrol is going to be available on HBO Max, Harley Quinn, will be on SyFy, and Stargirl will be on The CW. I feel like I’m starting to waste my money. At this point, the only “Exclusive” shows on DCU are Young Justice and Titans.


Doom Patrol’s second season will air concurrently with DC Universe, but I dunno what, if anything they’ve filmed already. So it might be a while. Harley Quinn is only airing the first season on Syfy, which we’ve seen already and we get Stargirl a day before unedited unlike the CW. We still get these shows first.

I guess it comes down to what you’re looking for in the service. If you’re looking at it strictly for the original shows, that’s something you’ll have to come to a decision on. Nothing wrong with that.

A lot of us here don’t mind because it brings more eyes to DC Universe as a whole, which is great because people can discover older and newer shows, the animated movies, the comics, the forums, etc.


Well, that’s nice that DCU is trying to get more people but if you look at the marketing for Stargirl with the CW there’s no name of DCU anywhere. All it really says is that it premieres on this date and you can watch it for free the next day on the CW app. I would be fine if it was like; you can watch it for free the next day on the CW app and extended versions on the DC Universe streaming service only. But that’s the issue it doesn’t.


It hasn’t aired yet, so we don’t know if they’ll mention it or not. If they do mention the unedited episodes on DC Universe, that would be great. If they don’t, that’s something they could work on later in the season. The door to that wouldn’t be shut.


Yeah i think it’s a fundamental shift in the business model. DCU is essentially a comic subscription with more perks than the other guys.


It’s kinda like @superby1 said though. If you’re really only into DCU for the original shows and not all the comics and community and such, then maybe this just isn’t the service for you. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, I totally understand it. But perhaps you should look into HBO Max when it drops instead. DCU is the all around DC platform, meaning it hosts all of DC’s content, but most of it isn’t exclusive anyways. So really this is just a shift to open more people’s eyes to great content. :slight_smile:


As long as we still get those shows on here I’m fine with it. Getting it a little early would be nice too, though.

We still have a ton of comics and a community and a store with exclusive merch (according to the shop at least) tha many other services don’t have so I feel my money is well spent.


I think it’s awesome. More DC the merrier. Might even draw people hear to see S2. Also kind of curious how it will on TV with all those beeps.


Read the comic books. There’re so many titles and stories.


I look at it this way. DCU is testbed for a lot of new content. Yes, HBOMAX is going to do Green Lantern but that is going to have to be a big budget show. Shows going out to other WB platforms/channels is money. DCU doesn’t generate enough revenue to make all these shows.

Specifically CW and Stargirl:
I strongly believe CW picked up Stargirl because it is right in their demographic wheelhouse and its TV14. They let DCU do the first 13, they saw the first few episodes that were “in the can” and said we’ll pick this up. It give them a new show to put on for spring/early summer. It’s probably 13 episodes like most original series have been. They get to see if it does draw them viewers and if it does, they’ll likely pony up most of the $$$ for a second season. Is CW going to market it, especially right now as a CW show. Them doing that is building the “Stargirl” brand. (Frankly, I hope it does well on CW and gets picked up again on similar terms.

Netflix has no rights to Batwoman or Stargirl, how cool would it be to get both shows a day early, commercial free and be able to stream them on here after the season is done as well. I’m sure those shows will stream on HBOMAX, no doubt. Maybe that’s a bit to much to ask for, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. That whole picture will get clearer after HBOMAX starts.

As we have seen, if a show doesn’t get picked up for wider distribution, it’s not going to get a second season. Doom Patrol S2 is only happening because HBOMAX picked it up and much of the production costs as well.

Would folks rather have a second season Doom Patrol airing concurrently with HBOMAX or no second season at all? I’d argue it’s the former.

Shows going to other networks as well is “a rising tide that lifts all boats”.


I’m fine with it as long as we get something in trade…like, oh, say … Krypton Season 2!


I’m in the minority, but I don’t pay for cable, so I don’t get SyFy. And HBO Max is going to be $15 a month for a bunch of shows I already watched, plus Doom Patrol season 2.

If it makes good business sense, let SyFy and HBO Max have these deals. It’s cheaper for me to still have DCU than get cable or HBO Max. And we got a big head start of watching season 1 of Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn.

I would like a LITTLE more than a 1 day head start on Stargirl, which will be free on CW. Not much of any advantage there. But as long as that’s the only original going to free tv, I am quite okay with shows not staying exclusive for long. Just keep it affordable!


We’ll get the unedited episode of Stargirl (dunno if that’s unedited in terms of episode length or content) so that helps me.