Harley Quinn 59-Croppy cover job

I just want to say that I was rather disappointed to see the hack job done on cropping the Harley Quinn cover for this week. It really did no service to the artist that made it.

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I’m pretty frustrated with this too

admins is there an email address I can send my complaint to, please ?

You can submit messages to DC Comics via their website at:

I would encourage you to make sure your message is thoughtful and considerate, and remember that the creators are people who work very hard every day to bring you DC content. It is also highly likely that the artist themself intended this cropping to scare you with
by only showing the suggested silhouette on the brick wall. I personally found that it made me want to read the issue to see more!

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Thank You @AppleJack

Yes, duly noted , I’ll prob have to type up a couple drafts or something before I actually send anything. I can’t speak for the OP but my issue is in regard to the Derrick Chew variant cover. the standard cover is fine, I don’t have any complaints at least. it makes sense and it’s very much relevant to the story judging from the free preview I read. thank you again :slight_smile:

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Agree ! I don’t like it either…just leave out the variant copy then. :confused::diamonds::black_joker:

If I’m looking at the right pictures I don’t get the cropping. I was looking at the picture on Midtowncomics.com and didn’t see a problem. Then I searched for the issue and saw the cropping and don’t get why you would crop the picture.

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Harley Quinn 59 even on this service? I can’t find it anywhere.


You won’t find current comics on here. Those are still a money stream for DC and putting new comic content here would kill their bottom line. Even Marvel Unlimited uses a 6 month delay, so that is to be expected.

Search one of the comic outlets on the web to see the covers.

So not a fan of the “big” eyes look … it’s a hot mess :diamonds::black_joker:

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