Harley Quinn 2013 is missing annual #1

Seen people mention missing annuals for other series. So wanted to let you know that Harley Quinn the 2013 series is missing Annual #1 (and #2 if there is one, I don’t know). Was hoping it would be on there eventually.

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Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll be sure to submit this to the team. :blush:

The print version featured different scratch and sniff smells (seriously). Can we flick the Smell-o-vision switch on for this one? Just judging by the cover, you know it’ll smell great :wink:

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@DanTheMan, if you’re interested, there’s also a Valentine’s Day Special for this series.

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Yeah i saw that, and a Christmas special which I am still now kicking myself for not reading when it was up. One day about 4 days before Christmas or so, I sat down and read almost all the Christmas specials they had on here and that was one of the only ones I skipped. Oh if only I knew how great of a series this one was.

Would be cool if they could add the valentines special though, since Valentines is coming up.