Harley and Titans Broke the Internet (or DCU at least)

Trying to watch the Harley series premiere and the Titans season 2 finale, but DC Universe won’t load. This is actually pretty awesome.

Which are you planning to watch first/which did you watch first?

  • Harley Premiere
  • Titans Finale

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Which did you enjoy the most? Sound off in the replies!


Looks like DCU crashed across all devices there for a minute!

I was skeered.


Couldn’t get Harley on my TV but got it on my laptop. What an auspicious start!!!


Just shows that the demand for this. I wonder if this means there’s a lot of new subscribers for the show?


Harley Quinn was even better than I thought it would be.


While I was watching Titans is stuttered for me on laptop a few times in the beginning but the rest ran smoothly. I’ll watch Harley later, don’t think I’ll have time this morning. Thought my internet was just trash but guess I wasn’t the only one with issues.


Watched both and I gotta admit I always look forward to the next Titans I enjoyed Harley Quinn premiere more. Definately set up to be a strong animation series.


Voted for TITANS, but managed to watch the first episode of Harely Quinn. I kind of feel assaulted, and am wondering how this can be maintained through 13 episodes.


I always save the best for last, so I’ll watch Harley Quinn then Titans and that will be after I watch The Mandalorian first when I get home from work.


I couldn’t agree more! And even though she doesn’t do much of an accent, kayley kuoco fit into the character like a glove!


I liked how she had a slight accent here and there, like someone who started in the Bronx but has been places might.


I watched Titans first, and I vastly preferred Titans despite all of the issues I have with the finale. Maybe the misadventures of one Harleen Quinzel will pick up in the following episodes, but the jokes have to get smarter and less reliant on splatstick.


My girl Harley rocked! And Poison Ivy :heart_eyes: great show I am sooooooo happy is violent, funny and bloody!!


I agree with da killing joke…violent, funny and bloody, plus…foul language…but that’s all it was. If that’s what all the episodes will be like it will get boring real soon.

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If it’s nothing but funny, I don’t see myself getting bored with it.


Violence, check
Blood and gore, check
Upto date with the comics, check
Humor, …


Um… Bad accent aside, there’s nothing funny about this. I can sort of see the extremely bent depiction of Gordon if the whole thing was from Harley’s viewpoint, but it really doesn’t come across that way either.

It just feels poorly written by people who’ve only heard of Harley Quinn from some friends.
I can absolutely see myself forgetting about this animation pretty quickly.

At least the actual animation is top notch though. Very good artwork.

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Hell, even the Joker has no good lines.

Harley Quinn was terrible, I’m sorry. The jokes were so un-funny and the gore and cussing was done just for the heck of it. Some character interactions were funny like the Ivy stuff and how they used Calendar Man but other than it was god-awful and hard to watch

Didn’t care much for “Titans”, but that’s mainly due to questionable casting choices(Starfire), and BeastBoy robbing a not-BestBuy back in season one.

Harley Quinn on the other hand had me sold the show from the first teaser. Then again, I was a fan of her character from the get-go.

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I was expecting good things from Harley Quinn and I wasn’t disappointed. This first episode feels like Batman TAS finally let go and went all out with copious profanity, excessive violence, and chunky buckets of gore!
I loved every minute of it.