Harleen Black Label Discussion Spoilers

Hello. I tried to search and find a topic just for those who want to talk about Harleen; but could only find people talking about it in reference to the new Black Label books on DCUI in general. So, I decided to create a topic for people to talk about this book specifically. If such a topic already existed, I am sorry for not having been able to find it. I did try searching for it.

So, I saw this book on Black Label and this was the first time I ever saw it. I am a fan of Harley Quinn and decided to read it to see what it was about.

This book lived up to its Black Label label and was an absolute amazing re-telling of Harley’s origin. It took its time and really explored how a good person with good intentions could slip into madness in Gotham. It gives a deep look into Harley’s life and why she fell in love with Joker in the first place.

In a way, it’s what I expected it to be on the face of it. But, not in a bad way. It was in its execution that it excelled. It takes the reader on a journey with Harleen. It doesn’t try to re-create her origin. Rather, it elaborates on it in all the right ways.

I always liked the idea of Harley’s origin in general. But, this telling really makes you feel it. It puts you in her shoes and you can understand what she was feeling and thinking the entire way through.

This is a must read for Harley fans out there. You won’t be disappointed.

What do other people think about this book?


I quite liked it myself, I bought he hardcover off of amazon and right away had a great presence. Here’s a quick video showing what make it really cool off the bat.

I started to read it and right away, I! LOVED! IT!

The first thing I loved was hoe it pays respect to Paul Dini’s original character, but spins it in a way that updates the origin well. The slow creeping in of disturbing thoughts becoming more and more prevalent and the feel of a love novel enhances the original concept and makes something truly special.

The art is AMAZING! With the hardcover I have, It may be the best looking book I have. The art is stunning. Here are a few of my favorites shots.

A fantastic shot of Two Face

My favorite page, gave me goosebumps when I first read it

Stunning looking page, conveys everything we need to know well

In my opinion, If DC could make an Absolute Harleen. I would buy it as soon as it were available.


If you liked this book, check out the 1st issue from her digital anthology book. They have a little story from this same team with Harley and ivy

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