Happy Thanksgiving From DC Universe!

This year, we here at DC Universe are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to bring you heaps of stories from all of our favorite heroes and villains. We are even more thankful that we get to discuss and explore the nuances of these stories with all of you! From all of us, thank you for making DC Universe a outstanding place to relax and make friends.

For those of you far away from your families, know that you have a quirky little DC family waiting for you right here :slight_smile:

How about you? Do you have anything you’ve overcome or accomplished this year that makes you thankful?


Happy Thanksgiving!!! And thanks for giving fans like me amazing stuff like this app and DC Universe itself


I actually do live hundreds of miles from my family (AND I have to work) but this app has made it just a smidge easier to be alone for the holiday.

Thanks for making DC Universe fan-centric @mods and thanks to all my fellow fans who try and make DC fandom just a bit more magical.


Happy Thanksgiving to you too & thank you!

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Happy thanksgiving from my family to yours!

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Thank you! Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone within this amazing community, as well as the folks behind our favorite universe!

Everyone here is awesome! I don’t chime in nearly as much as Id like to, which is probably cuz i spend so much time just reading everyone else’s thoughts lol

Both my lady and I hope everyone here has an incredibly joyous and safe holiday!

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Nice to hear from you, @Valade :slight_smile: Same to you and the lady!
@EsotericCthulhu, that’s very kind. Maybe we can get together a viewing of Batman Returns or some BTAS episodes during the winter break for those of us far from home.
<3 rleal0 <3 @RandallusPrime <3 @JackyPerdomo

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my DC family.
Hope you have something to be thankful for on this day. Stay warm with loved ones and the memories of those who have passed. Even through tough times, we persevere and it helps make us who we are today, always striving to meet the ideals of our favorite superheroes.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all you heroes (and villains) that make up our DC Community.

I am so blessed to have a chance to talk to each and every one of you, daily. So I am thankful for you all.

And remember, if the turkey beats you today… use a crowbar (it worked on Jason Todd) :slight_smile:


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m thankful for DCU and this community of like-minded people. I hope it continues to grow and this time next year we are all in a better place and even more thankful!

Peace and Love!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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I’m gettin my dinner rolls on.

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How do I sign up for the contest to win a trip to the WB studios

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@mrellis17.27135, sounds like you’re thankful for all the sweepstakes we do here :wink: Unfortunately that was a contest we ran a few months ago. But for those big experiences we do giveaways for, you’ll be pleased to know that all subscribers are automatically entered :slight_smile:

It’s been a good year for me. I graduate college next month, and I’m getting married the month after that! I’m thankful that my fiancé lets me have an “office” that’s completely decked out in DC, and let’s me have a closet full of long boxes!!


im thankful because i got to attend nxt takeover war games and survivor series and both were my first event and lost my voice and its still gone lol and thankful for the dc app and most importent im thankful i got the DC family to talk to i hope you all have a wonderful day today


thats awesome to hear congrats on your graduation from college and congrats on getting married rock on :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::fist:t2::fist:t2::fist:t2:

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving what batfamily doing for Thanksgiving

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