Happy National Adoption Day!

Happy National Adoption Day!
Many of you know of me from my carpal tunnel inducing drawings of Batman using bats. Some of you may even know of me from my weekly summary for the Legendary Island of Misfits.
What you may not know is that I am the proud father of two girls my wife had adopted many many years ago.
I remember us making the decision to have kids and to seek newborns to adopt. I remember the long process and the waiting to be selected. Oh my god the waiting and uncertainty were terrible. Getting the call that our first child was born. It was the one and only time I booked a flight (my wife usually makes all the travel plans). Wanting to meet our first child even though it was at night. Love at first sight and the very emotional goodbye as we walked out of the hospital with the birth mother. Staying in a hotel room for ten days with a newborn as new parents until approved to bring her home.
Second one took a long time too. Luckily we had the best social worker who also looked out for us and found our second child. For this reason our youngest has the social worker’s name as her middle name. Driving after a snowstorm had dropped so much snow that banks were higher than we could see. All to meet a cuddle bug who remains so to this day.
Both of my kids have such different personalities but they fill our lives so much I don’t know where we would’ve been without these journeys.
So here’s to all the adopted ones out there. Superman, Dick Grayson and most importantly my two kids.


Beautiful! Adoption is such an amazing choice I’m so happy for you and your family! My family is no stranger to adoption tho more on the opposite side of things, I’m very thankful for the families that open themselves up to providing love for kids in need :two_hearts:


Thanks! My girls are now 7 and 11 and have grown up knowing they were adopted. They know it makes them special and they know their birth parents loved them so much they shared them with us to love as well. I love hearing of other adoption stories as the journeys are usually so different


That’s wonderful, I’m very happy for them. Yes! Every story is so different! My cousins who are brothers were separated at birth. One of which was adopted into a totally different family and the other my mom raised with me and my brother. I was there when they met for the first time as teenagers and it was so surreal, like seeing double! Dispite everything they had the same manerisms and even voice :sweat_smile: But I know it ment so much to them getting to connect with eachother and knowing there was someone out there who had their back in a sense.
One of the reasons I love DC is for the multitude of upbringings and family backgrounds represented. And even tho there’s so many adopted heros in the DCU, each has a completely different story and experience




Your story and @cici 's brought tears to my eyes. I’m so grateful for families who are willing and able to open their homes to children and birth moms in need. Thank you for sharing with us, Max, and thank you for this post!