Happy Martha's Day! Celebrate Mother's Day with These DC Universe Cards

While plenty of DC Universe moms – from Queen Hippolyta to Lois Lane – will be celebrating Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 12th, two very special mothers are afforded an even higher honor by their super sons. So join Superman and Batman in saluting their moms – Martha Kent and Martha Wayne – by celebrating Happy Martha’s Day! For the Mother and/or Martha in your life, we’ve got four ready-to-print Martha’s Day cards in our News section. And if anyone asks you why you said THAT name, just say it’s because you love them!

Visit our News section to print out all of of these heart-warming tributes to DC’s favorite moms!


I see you guys fixed the date, but you forgot the t

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Fixed, thanks!

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As my mom’s name actually is Martha, I can’t decide which I love most and might have to print them all out!


The similarities in Supe’s and Bat’s mom’s names almost ruined DC movies. So I’m going to give this idea a thumbs down. With that said the “inspiration for all I do” card is kinda dark all things considered.


While I’m glad to see DCU doing this. I kinda wonder if “the pearl” card was a great idea. Imagine having to explain to your mom why pearls are so important to Batman.
“Hey mom, your pearls (which got both you and dad shot) is what I keep in my heart as I go out and strike fear into people”

Maybe Bats ain’t the best character for Mother’s Day.

I think with the success of Flash and Supergirl on CW, they may have been better choices.
Flash: Mom, you mean so much, I’d change the universe just to see you.”

Supergirl (since a lot of kids have stepmoms too) Biology doesn’t make a mom. Caring, understanding & love do. Those are all things you give to me.”


They are all good. Cant decide.

I, personally, love the last one (You make me look like a superhero) as my mother and grandmother always sewed fantastic things for me to wear.
But I do like the idea of other superheroes being represented here, especially Wonder Woman and her mother.

I would print out the 3rd one…my favorite.

My favorite is the Pearl of my Heart. Just the artwork looks so vintage uts beautiful

My mother’s name is not Martha

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Why did you say that name?!

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Dude! First thing I saw in the morning. Had to send one of these bad boys to my momma. Thanks DC

Superman kissing his mom is my favorite, very touching.


Inspiration :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Is everyone’s mom named Martha??? Whole world stops… Looks at each other… All conflicts end



Ok look here now. I read “Happy mother’s day” and immediately got extremely depressed when i saw the cards with my boi (Bruce), like why did you have to do me like that? :cry::cold_sweat: “you’re the pearl of my heart”??? “you’re the inspiration behind everything i do”?? :sob: come on guysss…like couldn’t you give him a break? :cry: [Sorry for the rant…but Bruce is my #1 and i needed to vent about this and no one understands my DC talk so sorryyyy]




That one book I for get it as flash backs in one of those Batman graphic novel stories, which book was it when flash backs Of Martha Wayne , when Bruce’s mom read him Alice in wonderland, I for get what book it was, was it Batman The Victory or Batman Haunted knight

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