Happy Flash Appreciation Day!

For those who are unaware, February 11th is Flash Appreciation Day! It’s referenced in the JLU episode ‘Flash and Substance’ and in the Flash live action show’s ‘The Man Who Saved Central City.’

At least is has been in recent years. DCUO is wrapping up a promotion today, and here are some articles from past years:



So appreciate your speedsters, folks! :slight_smile:


Flash Fact: that’s neat. Thanks for sharing!

ponders how to celebrate FAD


I wasn’t even aware of this. Thanks for letting us know! Happy Flash Appreciation Day!


Thanks for sharing this @christowhit! Happy Flash Appreciation Day! :slight_smile:


I love Flash

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Wally, Barry, Jay, take a bow!

I must say The Flash is slowing becoming one of my new favorite DC characters, both Barry Allen (the legit Flash) and Jay Garrick (the original). Barry especially has an underappreciated Rogues Gallery, cool power set, and chill attitude. But I’m going to argue Jay Garrick as a cooler, more interesting outfit and his origin story is kinda awesome in a Golden Age sort of way. I mean, the dude gets his powers by smoking near hard water vapors (Or is it heavy water vapors? I keep forgetting.). How badass is that? The CW show may not be perfect, but I find it fun for the most part.

I dunno. I think The Flash is a cool guy. Runs fast and doesn’t afraid of anything.

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Don’t forget Jesse Quick, Max Mercury or The Flash of 2006 to 2007 himself: Bart Allen.

They’re rad too :slight_smile:


Cool. Didn’t know that.

Gonna read The Flash #13(2016) tonight to show my appreciation. One of my favorite done-in-one comics!

Got All Star Comics 1, 2, 62, and 64 to go through with the OG Flash Jay Garrick…pretty amazing…

:heart: me some :zap:.


Pulled out the first flash run I ever bought back in Jr. High. Wally West Flash vs. The Icicles ghost. Fun little murder mystery, lots of different uses of flashes powers. Really a fun read

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Noooooo, I missed Flash appreciation day!

First Flash Comic I Ever Read started with Flash Appreciation Day
Flash annual 3 1991.