Happy Birthday, December Babies!

Super DC Calendar (1976-1978)
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Happy Birthday, December babies! We here at DC Universe didn’t want to miss anyone’s birthday, so we decided to make a giant card for everyone born this month.

While no one compares to YOU, December babies do share their birthday month with some amazing DC folks. Read on to see who YOU share a birthday with! :partying_face::gift::birthday:

Event Date Type
Andrea Romano 12/3/20 Birthday
Adam Strange 12/3/20 Birthday
Mister Mind, World’s Wickedest Worm 12/7/20 Birthday
Pearl Harbor Day 12/7/20 Holiday
Harvey Dent/Two-Face 12/7/20 Birthday
All-Star Squadron is formed (1941) 12/7/20 Anniversary
Teri Hatcher 12/8/20 Birthday
Nura Nal/Dream Girl 12/8/20 Birthday
Oliver Queen/Green Arrow 12/9/20 Birthday
Chanukah begins 12/10/20 Holiday
Len Snart/Captain Cold 12/11/20 Birthday
Sylvester Pemberton/Star-Spangled Kid 12/13/20 Birthday
James Tynion IV 12/14/20 Birthday
Ula Vakk/Color Kid 12/14/20 Birthday
Kurt Schaffenberger 12/15/20 Birthday
Helen Slater 12/15/20 Birthday
Al Plastino 12/15/20 Birthday
J.M. DeMatteis 12/15/20 Birthday
Lena Thorul (Lena Luthor) 12/16/20 Birthday
Dick Dillin 12/17/20 Birthday
Ted Knight/Starman 12/18/20 Birthday
Princess Projectra 12/19/20 Birthday
Winter Solstice (shortest day of the year) 12/21/20 Holiday
Red Hood 15th Anniversary 12/22/20 Anniversary
Brek Bannin/Polar Boy 12/22/20 Birthday
Joshua Williamson 12/23/20 Birthday
Festivus 12/23/20 Holiday
Billy & Mary Batson/Shazam & Mary Marvel 12/23/20 Birthday
Diedrich Bader 12/24/20 Birthday
Infinity Inc is formed (1984 Pre-Crisis) 12/24/20 Anniversary
Christmas 12/25/20 Holiday
Kwanzaa 12/26/20 Holiday
Dan Jurgens 12/27/20 Birthday
Sir Justin/The Shining Knight 12/27/20 Birthday
Stan Lee 12/28/20 Birthday
Georgia Sivana, World’s Wickedest Girl 12/29/20 Birthday
Querl Dox/Brainiac 5 12/30/20 Birthday
New Year’s Eve 12/31/20 Holiday

December First Appearances:

Are you a December Birthday Baby? Do you have a loved one celebrating their birthday this month? Did we forget anyone on our list?

Shout it out in the comments below! :point_down:


:birthday:Happy Birthday​:birthday: all you Decemberers.

Wow Red Hood (Jason) is 15. Man makes me feel old and young at the same time​:sweat_smile:

Also Red Hood (Joker), Jason, and Red Hood all in the same month. Wow that awesome™:+1: how they lined up.


I’ll be celebrating my birthday on the 4th. Knowing that it falls on a Friday this year, I had to do a little bit of confused math when I saw that you had Friday the 13th listed as a “holiday” this month. I think you might want to do a little ninja edit on that one. 2020 has been more than enough to handle as it is, throwing in an extra day infamous for bad luck just seems heartless and cruel at this point… Especially when we are SO CLOSE to the finish line!


Woo! Thanks for your confused math, @Alec_Holland! I’ve ninja edited that to make sure we have minimal 2020 damage for this month.

However, since your birthday falls on the 4th, I think that might bring us some of the luck we need!


Dang, my b-day is December 31st, I got no one


My dearest one (sadly, no longer with us) was born December 21. She was so proud to be a solstice baby!


A little late but :birthday:Happy Birthday​:birthday:

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Would it be too cliché to suggest adding Jesus to December 25th?


I share my birthday, December 16, with Lena Luthor. That’s awesome!


I share my birthday with Captain Cold on December 11!


That was a couple days ago. Your birthday is probably… cold by now! :grinning:



My birthday was actually unseasonably warm at 50 degrees. However, thanks to 2020 I can’t say I did too much outside of go to work and umm, read a comic or 2.

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I had some crazy birthday presents, I had Barnyard the game on Wii, Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teen Titans complete series and some Teen Titans Go! Seasons and episodes on DVD, Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans, and some plushies from Teen Titans Go! and even DC Super Pets, with Krypto, Ace, BatCow, Jumpa, or Giggles and Crackers, this universe’s Joker and Harley Quinn’s hyenas, next to traditional Bud and Lou, and my favorite version of Harley’s obsession with hyenas is Bruce, from Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, I’ll be surprised, if she had another hyena next to Bruce in the new Suicide Squad movie, I think she’ll call him Clark after Superman, because she named Bruce after Batman, her former boyfriend’s archnemesis.

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For my birthday, I got new flannel sheets, a blanket, Luigis Mansion 3, Fire Emblem Three Houses, Yoshis Crafted World and a book on the Walt Disney Archives talking about all the movies he did. It was an awesome birthday.

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what’s the thing on the 5th?

Great question… it’s really hard to see but it says something about our wormiest worm :joy: “Memory of Dr Mind, World’s Wormiest Worm” is the best I can get.

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