Happy Birthday DCUniverse with a Young Justice Nightwing


I submitted this piece but I’m not sure if I did it right so I’m sharing it here as well. It’s a Young Justice Nightwing sketch inspired by Phil Bourassa’s own design/art. Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday DCUniverse! :smiley:


Looks great! Good job on the hands, they always gave me trouble.

Thanks! I’m terrified of the hands too haha. Took me quite a well to get them to look decent xD

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This is fantastic, @DhruvGrayson! :open_mouth: Thank you so much for sharing this. You did such an awesome job!


Thank you so much @Zatanna! I felt it was what I could do to join the Year One celebrations :slight_smile:


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That is fantastic! I wish I could draw that good! Major respect!

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Thank you guys :slight_smile: