Happy Birthday Adventures of Superman

Adventures of Superman premiered 67 years ago today, September 19, 1952. You can check Supes out right here on the DCU APP.


Awww, happy birthday Adventures of Superman! That’s amazing that it’s been so long! Thanks @BrightKnight for letting us know about this Super-milestone and for letting everyone know they can enjoy it right here!!! <3

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Is this isn’t a cause for celebration, I don’t know what is! :tada:

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Now I’m in the mood for Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, an official sponsor of the show don’cha know.

Happy BD AOS!

Faster than a speeding bullet```
George Reeves may arguably be the best Clark Kent ever.

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puts on Friendly Argument Hat

You may begin Misfit.

Prove me wrong, Vroom.

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Well, Christopher Reeve had a more visually noticeable turn from Clark to Superman. You could conceivably see why people could look at Clark and not see Earth’s Mightiest Hero.

Reeves on the other hand, while great, didn’t have much of a “transformation” if you will. His Clark was more confident than Reeve’s, but to me there’s not much of a discernible difference between him and how he was as Superman.

Kay, your turn.


My argument is simple. You could make an alt universe show called CLARK KENT, CRUSADING REPORTER. You can’t say that about any other actor. (Tom Welling ONLY plays Clark-- and The Blur!)


Dean Cain might disagree.



Dean Cain was hired to play Clark Kent. I’m probably going to start arguments, here, but he’s the SECOND best Clark, ever, right down to putting a Kansas lilt to his own slight midwestern sound.

Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of Clark is brilliant, but his Clark is clearly a secret identity. In fact, Reeve is probably the only actor to ever play Kal-El and the two masks he wears once he gets to Metropolis.

I am not dissing Henry Cavill, by the way-- but like Tom Welling, he only plays Clark-- there’s no difference when he’s Kal, and I don’t think he ever calls himself Superman.

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I’m fine with Noel Neill, and Margot Kidder does some brilliant acting, but I’ve always like Phyllis Coates no-nonsense, Howard Hawk’s style reporter an awful lot.

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@ Dan Didio & Jim Lee


An alt-universe comic series```


We volunteer to write the online series/ 12 issue maxi

Heck, I’ll even volunteer Vroom to co-write such a saga



@Misfit I’ll take it!

@Misfit I’ll take your co-writing offer is what I meant.

sigh C’mere edit button. whistles C’mere you…

Growing up in the sixties, George Reeves as Superman would streak across our 12" black and white TV screen and I became a life-long fan of adventure.