Happy Batman Day!

So what is up with Henry out as Superman?!
One bit of gossip I heard that would be awesome is if they could get Michael B. Jordan to be Superman! Yes! He has got the size, the charisma, the boy scout look, and the emerging fan base. Not to mention he has the relationship with Warner Bros. This would be an incredible casting if they can’t get Henry back.
Up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane…


Sorry to be negative but realistic
But the internet is gonna go crazy with a black Superman.
It suck but it’ll happen
Don’t want Michael B Jordan to get all that hate

They just have to establish it’s not Clark and it’s Val-Zod from the beginning.

:astonished:Hear it’s just a tactic & truly not real. Regarding Henry Cavill playing Superman & Ben Affleck playing Batman a reliable source informed me neither hasn’t quit nor was fired & contracts are still ongoing. Come on​:thinking: How shall Gal Gadot look among a what will be 2 strangers to fans​:sob::cry:

I will protest if Michael B. Jordan becomes Superman​:nauseated_face::face_vomiting:Pretty pretty pretty plz hell no