HANGMAN: DC Edition!

Sure is

2nd word: -ND
Last word: -----D - - -


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There are 3 A’s

1st word: -A–AN
2nd word: AND

Is there perhaps a B

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sure is

1st word: B

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I’d like to solve Pat,

‘Batman And The Outsiders’

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tenor (1)

Nailed it @reaganfan78

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Conglaturations @Reaganfan78

How many spaces and blanks is the next hangman word?


3 space 7 blanks ____ ____ ____
3 _ ___ ___

There you go.:slightly_smiling_face:

Okay, I think I got it, @Reaganfan78:

Take the 3 out. I was trying to make the blank appear til draft error screw me up.:frowning:

I fixed it.

I would also like to guess an a.

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There are 2 A.
On 1 _
_____A _!

may I guess n?

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What about e? Is there an e?

Yes there’s 2 ‘e’.:slightly_smiling_face:

___E A



I`m sorry yes there’s 1 n.


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S please

Is there a

, @Reaganfan78?

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Yes there’s a ‘s’ & ‘t’

T__S (on first word)

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