HANGMAN: DC Edition!

how about an L

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A ‘G’ please.

Let’s try a D?

Sorry for the late response, but:




There are now enough letters for anyone to guess the word/phrase!


Is there an S?

Id like to solve the hangman
Legion of three worlds?

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And yes!
@stefanie.m has solved the puzzle!
There are two things you can do:

  1. Make your own gameboard and update it within two days of each guess. (This includes uploading a new picture with each right/wrong guess.)
  2. Tell me how many letters/spaces it is (without revealing the word) so I can make a gameboard. (But you will need to say which letters are right and wrong so I know when and how to update it.)

waits patiently


:thinking: :thinking:

  1. 6 blanks
  2. 3 blanks
  3. 3 blanks
  4. 9 blanks

Okay, let me know if I got it right:

I would also like to guess the letter N. :smiley:

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You know it :muscle:

  1. First word -----N
  2. 2nd space -N-

Sorry @ReepDaggle I bungled that up.

Can I try a D?

Sure is

2nd word: -ND
Last word: -----D - - -


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There are 3 A’s

1st word: -A–AN
2nd word: AND

Is there perhaps a B

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sure is

1st word: B

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I’d like to solve Pat,

‘Batman And The Outsiders’

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tenor (1)

Nailed it @reaganfan78

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Conglaturations @Reaganfan78

How many spaces and blanks is the next hangman word?


3 space 7 blanks ____ ____ ____
3 _ ___ ___

There you go.:slightly_smiling_face: