HANGMAN: DC Edition!

Sorry for the delay, everyone:

How about two? Will two work?

Two guesses: two a’s

Finally lol

Yes two e’s are just fine, now a couple of R’s would be nice.

Ready to roll, Rex Rebel:

A t perhaps

Creature Commandos

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How about Creature commandos


Where is reep

hey @ReepDaggle was HermeyfkaRexRebel right

Sorry that it took a couple weeks, but yes,
@HermeyfkaRexRebel was right

Now, @HermeyfkaRexRebel, tell me how many blanks your word is OR make a hangman board of your own.

A plzz

What’s that

I can’t see the bottom of the image, but…

is there a T?

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Lol he did it wrong

Yes you are both right.

Cool any c,s plazz


N by any change