Halloween episodes

Watching Batman vs Dracula. Thrills me every time. Did a search here for Halloween episodes and came up with a DC short, an EP of YJ and an ep of the Batman. I feel like there just have to be more Halloween episodes given the amount of TV content here. What you all got?


Not sure how I missed it when I searched earlier but there’s a solid list on the wiki

-Batman (1992 TV Series) Episode: Almost Got 'Im
-Batman (2004 TV Series) Episode: Grundy’s Batman: -The Brave and the Bold (TV Series) Episode: Trials of the Demon
-Constantine (TV Series) Episode: Rage of Caliban
Justice League (TV Series) Episode: A Knight of Shadows, Part I
-Justice League (TV Series) Episode: A Knight of Shadows, Part II
-DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (TV Series) Episode: Phone Home
-Young Justice (TV Series) Episode: Secrets
-Young Justice (TV Series) Episode: True Heroes


Teen Titans (2003 tv series) Episodes: Fear Itself and Haunted
Both of which constitute 2\3s of everything i’ve ever bought on youtube


Batman vs Dracula is definitely at the top of my Halloween watchlist. :smiley:

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I remember this other episode of Batman the Brave and the Bold where Batman gets turned into a vampire. Can’t remember what it was named though.

That would be Shadow of the Bat, if memory serves, in season 3. :smiley: Always a great one to catch around Halloween!