Halloween ComicFest 2019

My first haul from Halloween ComicFest! I didn’t even know it was a thing until a few weeks ago. So happy I went :partying_face: Anyone else participate and/or enjoy the fruits of this special occasion?


You got all of that? My shop only allowed two per person!


Normally my shop let’s us grab 3 to 5 but I showed up later in the afternoon (I’m guessing after the rush) and he said to take whatever I wanted. :exploding_head::smile: He also let me know most people in our area didn’t seem to know about it​:woman_shrugging:t2:


My shop allowed me to take has many has i wanted, they weren’t really worried about the limit for comic fest like they normally are for Free Comic Book Day. usually they have the 3 to 5 limit, some times 7, but you can get more if you are will to pay a $1 per comic after the limit.

Before that shop opened I use to have to comic shop hop on these free comic day cause the other 2 shops near me only that the 2 to 3 limit.

So I manged to get Archie Mad House Magic, pokemon adventrues, Ghost Rider, Spider-man, DCeased, DC superhero girls, along with the Kodansha & Vertical manga samplers.

but I am kind of bummed that my comic shop never received any of the comicfest Hulk or Usagi comics.


I love the free comics, but I mostly just go for the sales :grin:
It’s how I get my pull 25% off, and then some light back issue reading in like the YOTV One Shots and the Bat Wedding Tie-ins