Half Way Into 2023 / DC for 2024?

I am curious what others think in regard for actual DC Comics in 2024 in that, will we see another reset of sorts? Or will we continue with what we have now?

I expect the O.G Justice League to reunite at some point, but I am hoping not in a reset with an origin story, but in the aftermath of everthing that has happened and them needing to come back as the League in support of NightWing and what he is doing. With perhaps Nightwing calling the shots on what ever is at hand, and at the end of it all, Nightwing telling the original Justice League that they are back in control of the reigns.

Or are we going to go into another reset?

I am dying for more Green Lantern, looking forward to War Journal and this current run with Hal, but the quarentine how eer ya spell it, doesn’t seem to have hit Hal, well, there was no, Hal and Kilowog being seen reading or hearing the notification so I am wondering how the next issue will address this. An so far only one scene in issue 1 of Sinestro sitting sneakily in a bar. so what is his deal now with Hal.

Sinestro always has a bone to pick with Hal, ya never see Hal going out of his way to find Sinestro… hmm. Get over Hal Jordan already Sinestro!


I imagine that might happen following some future DC event involving Amanda Waller and the Light. Writer Joshua Williamson, whose been more active with writing a lot of prominent DC titles, has been hinting around that storyline since Dark Crisis. That potential storyline could likely happen in December 2023 and into 2024.

I don’t think the Justice League is going to take the reins from the Titans just yet. My impression is that the world is going to be saved by the Titans, but the Trinity (Batman, Superman, and Wonder woman) inspired by them are going to create a new Justice League with a brand-new legacy of heroes. I like to believe it could be the Future state heroes, mentored and lead by the trinity in the present day. 4/6 of the team had played minor roles in Dark Crisis, and we could see more of that potential in a Justice League book.

However, I remember a post somebody wrote on a topic similar to yours that was really fascinating to me. They wrote that a future Justice League team could be a legacy team, but not just from Future State, but from other places too. With heroes from the JSA, Titans, Young Justice, and even Legion of Super-Heroes.
Mine idea is more linear and basic. Their idea was more awesome than mine. :sweat_smile:

I really hope not. I have to believe even editorial doesn’t want a hard/soft reboot of the DC Universe following yet another cosmic crisis event. Does anyone remember when we actually saw DC characters naturally grow up and some of them mature into great heroes like Wally West as the Flash? Weren’t those good times?

Not sure if I could recommend anything there to help you out, Lol.
I’m calling my favorite Green lantern fan @bookwormfitzpatrick.91230 for advice. :joy:


I suspect any Crisis Level shenanigans will be saved for 2025 for the COIE anniversary.


I don’t expect a reset. Dawn of DC itself launched new runs, but isn’t a reset either - it’s a year long initiative! I would expect Williamson has a plan for the transition event and next initiative for the long game.

I hope the JL comes back with a new direction after pondering whatever that is and learning how other heroes and the Titans operate. If they just come back to save the day because the other heroes fail, then I’ll be pretty disappointed with a wasted opportunity.


agreed I wouldnt want to see a story of the old league coming back just because the Titans couldn’t get the job done, I’d rather the Titans be the replacement than have the JL come back off a loss for the Titans.

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