Half Price Books $60 Conquest for July, 9, 2019

Good afternoon, DCU collectors, I got back from Half Price not too long ago, where I dropped $60 on a variety of camics! If you’ll gimme a min I’ll list some of the more note worthy titles

Found a $3 copy of DC Universe Rebirth #1. dog ears on the bottom corners and some light water damage to the cover. Other then that, very nice copy. It now becomes my official reader

$1.50 Turok Son of Stone 3105 from Sept 1976. Cover has folding damage. Innards look almost new due to light yellowing…

$1.00 DC Science Fiction “TIME WARP: Doomsday Tales & Other Things” #4 May 1980. Lil dog ear on bottom right of cover. Innards are mint. I’ve never heard of this series until today. Looks like it was part of the DC Implosion.

Manhunter #2 from 12/94. Very good-Near Mint and for only $1

Tales of The New Teen Titans #47 October 1984. Bottom right cover is torn off. Innards are mint. Dropped $3 on this one, cause I didn’t catch the tear until after I’d gotten home

Extreme Justice #0 from 1/1996 $1 VG/NM

Identity Crisis #3 for $2.00 Near Mint/Mint… VERY HAPPY with this find.

JSA #17 from 8/2008 (Johns Run). Great condition! $2

DAMAGE #2, #4-#7. Great conditions $2.50 a piece!!! HAPPY BUY

Freedom Fighters #1 for $4 but she’s mint and I missed it when it came out a few months back. HAPPY BUY

Hawkman Year One #2 from ??/1995 Good-Very Good $1.50

KIRBY GENESIS #'s 2&3. $2.00 each Near Mint (Alex Ross Covers)

Justice League of America #1 New 52 April 2013 Great Condition $2

ACTION COMICS #958-961, 981, 994, 996. All were $1.50 except for 958 which was $4.00. Coniditons look great-Near Mint

Superman 22 and 26 $1.50 Great-NM… … … … Superman in ACTION COMICS #720 from April 1996 “The ENGAGEMENT Is OFF!!!” Dun Dun Dunnnnn (thats for you Vroomy ). Very Good Condition for $2

The Last Days of ANIMAL MAN #1 from July 2009. $1.50 Good condition… … … … All-Star Comics #1 from EARLY MAY 1995 (thats what it says ). $3.00 Great Condition

Last is MARVEL PREVIEW Magazine Presents… “MAN-GODS: From Beyond the Stars” from ??/1975 (cover by Neal Addams) I dropped $8.00 for this one.



Nice haul!

notices Freakazoid reference attributed to hisself I’m going to spread the news to Jack “I’ve got puffy cheeks!” Valenti! Maybe watch footage of a guy fighting a bear too.

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I blew my load last time i went to HPB lol. I spent $160 on hard covers and omnibus. Totally worth it. I’ll post a pic of what i got.

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Mostly all hard covers


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Moved to michigan sadly no hpb that I know of I miss indiana