Hal Jordan's Best Friend

Is Hal Jordan Green Lantern’s best friend Oliver Queen Green Arrow or Barry Allen Flash?

Back during the Hard Travelling Heroes days Ollie himself said it was Barry. Later on, post his resurrection, Ollie also described Barry dying as Hal losing a brother. However, Hal has always seemed to be closer to Ollie than Barry to me, whenever I read any of them together. But maybe that’s cause Barry was dead for so long so there wasn’t really anything they could do with the relationship. And Flash and GA don’t exactly show up in Green Lantern comics on a regular basis.

I feel like nowadays it’s got to be John Stewart. I’m very excited to see what the supporting cast of Grant Morrison’s upcoming run is going to be!

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I thought way back Ollie and Hal were the better friends but I don’t know about now.

Barry Allen


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For Hal, Barry is his friend when it’s something smart and responsible that’s gotta be done, and Ollie is his friend when it’s either something fun, and/or it’s something stupid that will likely get them in trouble.

Barry is Hal’s best friend. Even Oliver knows that.

Right now, Barry. But Green Lantern/Green Arrow is a historical DC landmark. Hal and Ollie’s friendship is one of my favorites. Where did it go? Did the New 52 retcon it, and it just never came back?


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I’m going with Thomas Kalmaku. No, I’m not going to use his offensive, stereotypical name even though that’s the name I grew up with. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Itty, of course! Who could forget Hal’s lovable starfish alien friend?


As friends go, Ollie thought Hal more about the world and himself. He gave him the gift of true friendship–honesty.

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I think both friendships are very different. Out of those two characters, Barry would definitely be my pick, especially for the Silver Age. I also generally like reading their friendship more. Too many of the Hal and Ollie stories seemed to be preachy and bashing Hal, which I didn’t enjoy. In the GL Brightest Day arc, I liked that Barry actually comments on that dynamic.

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Not sure, but he would say Carol if she were standing there.



I laughed. :slight_smile:

He does say she knows him best on multiple occasions, and he’s sought her support during many of the major events in his life regardless of their relationship status. I definitely think she’s one of his best/closest friends. I actually wish she had a larger role. I like Carol as an individual character as well as the dynamic she has with Hal.


@co2goddess I enjoy the GL books more when Carol is in them either as the head of Ferris or as Star Sapphire.