Guy Gardner project

Hey collectors! I’m working on a project and would like some input from you guys. I have a collection of figures based off the live action DC TV shows and movies. There are a few characters who haven’t made appearances in them yet so I’m working on “Dream castings” of the characters. I’ve done an Idris Elba/John Stewart figure as well as a Nathan Fillion/Hal Jordan one as well. The next one I’m planning on doing is GUY GARDNER. But I’m having trouble figuring who to “cast”. I thought Mark Wahlberg, but I’m having issues finding a 1:12 head. Then I thought, John Cena. But I’m still not sure. Any suggestions? Who would you “cast”? Remember, it has to be a head that I wouldn’t have to make. I’m not that talented! Lol!

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Three words: Rowdy Roddy Piper.

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Never really thought about him. Hmmm.

@csidet1971 I never thought about him

Jim Carey from Batman Forever for the head.

Roddy Piper’s perfect! I got a couple of WWE heads for a GG custom based on their expressions, rather than the specific performer. One’s a smirking Wade Barrett, and the other’s some smirking blonde guy with a ponytail.

Ooh it would be really hard to find but a Dolph Lundgen head from the Rocky movies the crew cut!

Pablo Schriber from American Gods and Orange is The New Black is perfect for Guy in my opinion!