Gunn/Saffron Announces Chapter One of DCU Film/TV: "God & Monsters"

In order of how they hope they will come out:

Creature Commandos: Animated series, written by Gunn, currently in development, casting not done yet, but will be done in a way that they can potentially show up in live action as well.

Waller: Viola Davis will reprise her role as Amanda Waller and it will be co-written by Christal Henry (Watchmen ) and Jeremy Carver, the creator of the Doom Patrol TV series.

Superman: Legacy: Set to release July 11, 2025, described as not an origin story, but will deal with a younger Clark Kent balancing his human upbringing and Kryptonian heritage.

Lanterns: TV series starring Hal Jordan and John Stewart, described as essentially True Detective in space, and will be very important in terms of their plans for DCU across film and TV.

The Authority: Not much details, but Gunn used this to talk about how this won’t just be heroes and villains. "Not every film and TV show is going to be about good guy vs. bad guy, giant things from the sky comes and good guy wins. There are white hats, black hats and grey hats.”

Paradise Lost: Described as a Game of Thrones style drama set on Themyscira before the events of the Wonder Woman movies.

The Brave & The Bold: Set to introduce the DCU Bruce Wayne/Batman as well as Damian Wayne as Robin.

The Batman Part II: Will still be separate from the DCU, with a tentative release date of October 3, 2025.

Booster Gold: A HBO Max series, which Gunn described as “the imposter syndrome as a superhero.”

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow: Taking inspiration from Tom King’s recent mini-series, will feature Supergirl in a new light, someone “much more hardcore than the Supergirl we are used to.”

Swamp Thing: A full-on horror movie that will close out the first chapter.

Gunn and Saffron has also had glowing things about the movies coming out this year and say that it’s very possible that we’ll see the characters/actors show up in their films.


Interesting, as a big Viola Davis fan :eyes:


A horror movie!!! ?? :star_struck:


The slate of content that Gunn outlines here in the clip sounds great, especially the GL as detectives series and the Brave and the Bold/Supergirl projects. I feel very confident in the future of the DCEU in Gunn’s hands. Ready to see what comes next! :smiley: :00_dc_2016:


I’m excited about Paradise Lost but the lack of concrete confirmation that Gal Gadot is back as Wonder Woman worries me. I don’t want to see her recast. I want to see more Wonder Woman movies starring Gal as Diana even if it’s a partial continuity reboot.

Thus far this is all James Gunn said about Gal Gadot:

“We’ve talked to Gal – she’s up for doing stuff. We’re not sure what we’re gonna do with that.”


I mean, it being up in the air is better than a complete closed door if we want Gal to come back.


For sure! The problem is that Gal Gadot loving the role and wanting to return to it won’t make a difference. She and the studio both need to want her to return for her to return. When Wonder Woman 3 was first announced as canceled, the rumor was that WBD wants Gal Gadot to stay in the role. If that’s true there’s a good chance she’ll be back. I’m excited for all of the upcoming TV and film announcements (especially Green Lantern and Supergirl) but my hope is that Gal Gadot is the Wonder Woman of this new era for the DCU.


Excited for the new and hopefully improved DCU. I was hoping to hear more of who was going to star as certain characters. The only down side I see so far is that we won’t have much to look forward to in 2024.


I’m willing to bet that we’ll see Creature Commandos, Waller and possibly Peacemaker season 2 before the Superman movie in 2025.


The first 2 probably, but I wouldn’t hold my breath w/ Peacemaker


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Kind of what I was thinking, especially for DC TV series. So far the curent DC TV Series as far as I know are Flash, Superman and Lois, Gotham Knights, Titans, Doom Patrol, Sandman, Harley Quinn and Teen Titans Go! and… is Pennyworth still going on or was it cancelled? I am sorry to say I don’t know. That is already less than last year but going forward…

Ignoring Pennyworth since I don’t know of the others The Flash, Doom Patrol and Titans are all definitely ending this year. Superman and Lois future is 50/50 at absolute best and I don’t think most expect Gotham Knights to be more than one season barring a miracle for it.

So 2024 is looking bleak. Harley Quinn has a season 4 but we don’t know if it will get a season 5 so it might not carry into 2024. Sandman is getting a second season but that feels like something that will probably take 2 years to even get out at least.

So maybe Superman and Lois if it is lucky (doesn’t seem good odds of it coming back but would not completely rule it out), Pennyworth if it isnt’ cancelled, and what else? The Penguin series maybe Deadboy Detectives if they hadn’t cancelled that. ANd of course Teen Titans Go! which is a devisive show with a lot of fans.

I think a lot of DC fans who were so happy that “all those horrible shows are gone” might realize how good we had it when 2024 comes around and we are starving for DC content.


I gotta admit, I’m intrigued by all these. I’m looking forward to what happens.


Maybe the lack of anything other new content gets them to keep Superman and Lois around in 2024. Batman Caped Crusader will be out, but don’t know whether the number of episodes will last into 2024 or where it will appear. That is a real bummer that Peacemaker season 2 isn’t moving forward


Has that been announced? What service? I knew WBD was shopping it around hadn’t heard news of who if anyone picked it up.

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My guess is that supergirl woman of tomorrow will set up the DCU’s Big Bad. I hope it’s Brainiac


They will probably do it with Superman Legacy. I would be fine with it being Brainiac.


Yeah but Superman legacy is the 1st DCU movie so it’d be weird to introduce the big bad in that movie so since supergirl woman of tomorrow is taken place in space it would make sense to introduce it in that movie but either is fine with me.

For Superman legacy I think the villain could be a guy named Metallo he has like a Kryptonite heart I think and that could be a big threat or maybe Parasite, Livewire maybe even a Mister Mxyzptlk appearance could be fun to see.

Myxy or Parasite. Kryptonite is overplayed in Superman movies. Go without it for a while and then Metallo.

Metallo is also just as strong as Clark.

What about livewire