Guess the Character!

I will give clues as to the character and you will guess who they are! You can use any source to help (though doing from your memory will be more fun!) Some of the clues may be tricky(replace “may” with: most definitely)!


1st character: One of Wonder Woman’s love interest. Can be seen working with Darseid in the DCAU. Middle name is Joseph.

2nd character: Name appears in Batman the animated series S1 E18. Two versions exist, one pre-flashpoint one post-flashpoint. Has only appeared in two comics, both of which are one word and involve Chiroptera. Pre-Flashpoint has no powers but Post-Flashpoint does. Killed the love interest of a character who first appeared in Batman #567.

3rd character: Is not from the Prime Earth but does appear in it as a different character entirely. Is mentioned but not seen in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice as the prime -earth version. Appears from earth of origin in one DC animated movie. Kidnaps twins.

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For character 2 to specify the title of the series has to do with chiroptera

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1st Character is Clark Kent

You got it @JLWWSM!


YAY! :partying_face:

Is the answer to #2 … The Man-Bat?

Sorry @MrbtjoKer2 that’s not it.

Need a clue? The second character’s name is two words!

#2 is gray ghost

  • is it gray ghost

Not Grey Ghost. The character appears only by written name (you have to look closely).

Is the answer to #2 Doctor Death?

2nd Character-- Candace, Rupert Thorne’s right hand woman?

Yes @MrbtjoKer2! That is correct! His name appears on the list of movies Simon Trent has.

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For another clue… The 3rd character is not a superhero/villain in the prime earth but is in the earth in question! (People will start calling me Arthur Brown before too long…)

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Kind of a shot in the dark but is #3 Jason Todd?

Cool!!! I got confused the first time… but figured the answer had to do with one of the show titles lol

4th character: Married to a _____ (the blank is a clue not a expletive to be clear) scoundrel. Used a baby bottle to commit crimes!

5th character: Of the two versions of a vampire Batman, this is the female responsible for his condition.

Sorry @Guy not quite. Close but “no cigar.”