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Hey all!

This session of the BatFam (@RenegadeRobinsClub) we continue the adventures of the Batman of the Future: Terry McGinnis with an adventure from his first ongoing series. Let’s see what grumpy ole Bruce has his newest protégé doing.

To join the club please see Alfred. He will be happy to give you the grand tour but watch out for Jokers.

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What to Read

Discussion Points

  • What is your favorite Terry McGinnis story?

  • Of all of the characters who have been Batman who has been your all time favorite?

Batman’s Casefiles

  • July/August: BTAS Celebration

  • September/October: Oswald Cobble pot AKA: The Penguin

  • November/December: Holidays with the BatFam


I’m so glad I rejoin the club, I can’t wait to see the Batman the animated series celebration & Penguin’s month! :smiley:

As for Batman Beyond miniseries comics, I use to have them, I’m a fan of Hilary J. Bader, she was such a talented writer, As for favorite Terry McGinnis story, For comic it would be the first 2 issues since it’s based on the first 2 part episodes, as for TV episode, it would be Eggbaby! :laughing::slightly_smiling_face:
Favorite Batman would be Val Kilmer in live action & Kevin Conroy in animation.