Ground Control to Sara Lance (Spoilers)

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! It has been way too long since we’ve last been together and I am sooo glad to be back with my favorite dysfunctional family! After all the ups (Legends are now going to tackle aliens!) and downs (the worrisome news from Dominic Purcell that has been somewhat allayed), it’s good to get back into the usual hijinks! Let’s get to it!

  1. First of all, great title of the episode. Another great play on a title, in this case Ground Control to Major Tom, especially with the outer space theme.
  2. Looked like quite the celebration onboard the Waverider. Go Fate Yourself was the perfect grafitti
  3. I love that while everyone else is hungover, Mick sits down all properlike to have his breakfast, eating so daintily.
  4. “Is that the ocean?” No, Ava that was the toilet flushing.
  5. Mick was the responsible one of the group and dropped Lita off at her mother’s house while the team partied. He really has grown, now just a day drinker.
  6. The Hangover: Legends style
  7. The theme music was perfect for this show, messy and all over the place, but with cheesy out of this world music and alien sound effects!
  8. Crisis of Worlds: “Punk rock and aristocracy slamming into each other like doomed worlds.”? Or just an apt description of John and Zari 2.0’s relationship?
  9. John’s coat smells of booze and cigarettes, of course it does.
  10. Well at least its not too well kept a secret now of John and Z2.
  11. Love that Ava had a gag reflex but wanted them to know he was not judging, just hung over.
  12. Astra still enjoys playing with these mortals, like winning at poker, but has to be reminded she is now one of these mortals as well. Good thing Mick had his gun.
  13. Anyone else notice Behrad’s streak of gray in his hair? Trying to remember if there was a reason for it.
  14. “Bowie, cut that crap out!!!” - Mick
  15. Bowie is a Smell fan, who knew?
  16. He filmed on his Super 8. Wasn’t that a name of a movie where some kids filmed some aliens on their camera?
  17. Sara was going to propose to Ava? Now, I’m tearing up, OMG…
  18. “Listen, you fools, Sara is missing because you were partying last night. We have to find her. We’re running out of time.” - Mick, sounding like the responsible one of the group
  19. Of course when the spaceship moves fast through space, it leaves an effect like from Star Wars.
  20. Sara is pre-found, not lost.
  21. I like that Ava’s plan plays to what she expects the team to do. She is learning. Let John practice magic, let romances run their course, What is Astra’s deal?, let Mick drink until he cooperates, and even bad leads may prove fruitful. Actually that last one seems to be the team’s mantra as that’s is how they resolve most missions.
  22. Behrad has to do some “research” because he is freaking out, man!
  23. I like that Mick says nothing works without Sara. This season will prove him wrong, but I like he thinks so highly of her.
  24. The tie-in, sorta crossover with Supergirl and the DEO was nice, even though I don’t watch the show. I assume it was a nice wink wink to the fans of the show. Also, I did not realize Sara and Alex Danvers had a fling. Off-screen?
  25. Spartacus, the not so unbeatable. I also like that his plan involves gathering an army and rebel against their captors, wasn’t that the plot of some movie?
  26. “I’m an astrologer, you need an astronomer.” - John, who overpromised.
  27. “We’re the experts. The only ones capable of handling time-travelling aliens.” - Nate
    “Nate, that is why I created a binder to get rid of the team.” - Ava
  28. “Behrad, you are a walking contact high.” - Nate
  29. “Yes, tabloids help me not think how we live on a technological terror, hurtling through a swirling green nightmare” - Behrad, who needs to calm down
  30. So, big bad Spartcus’ plan is to stand there, let Sara do all the work, and when she dies a horrendous death, the alien will be tired out and he can avenge her death.
  31. “Being an avenger is stupid. I prevent death. I’m a preventer.” - Sara, taking a swipe at the competition?
  32. “The universe exists to kill you.” - motivational speaker Mick
  33. The aliens have such a B movie look and rubbery look to them that it fits with this show.
  34. “I’m very sorry, David, that you’re under pressure” - John. Now I am hearing the music in my head and singing along.
  35. Most things John has done should be considered a felony.
  36. I noticed it before the reveal, but that one alien’s body language was very Gary-like.
  37. WOW! Gary has been an alien this whole time?!? His mission was to abduct Sara for his boss/fiancee but he fell in love with the humans and could not do it? Now I will look at Gary in a different way when I watch older episodes.
  38. Gary GREEN. As in green aliens which is all the team knew of aliens in the start of the episode. It all ties back.
  39. Spartacus was Gary’s boss’s lunch. Hmm, like a Venus flytrap.
  40. “The universe ripped his comms out” - Mick
  41. " Now, can I burn this place down?" - Mick again.
  42. “Admit it, you are only nice to me so I’ll help your friend.” - Spooner
    “100%, yes” - Ava, being very honest
  43. This time it was not John who drank the disgusting part of someone to perform a spell, it was newbie Spooner.
  44. “The alien is much dweebier than I thought.” - Spooner
  45. “When you get home I’ll marry you so you better get home ok” um, excuse me, I have something in my eye (bawling)
  46. Must be some engagement ring to cut through the pod and let Sara out.
  47. Sent the alien out the airlock just like in Aliens. Hit her with a whole bunch of aliens for good measure.
  48. How many went through the wormhole? Enough to last a season I assume.
  49. Zari 2.0 referring to Gideon as Gidget again!!!
  50. “You’ve come a long way, Hellspawn.” - John to Astra
  51. “Why are you smiling? We gotta clean this mess up.” - Nate
    The only person who can create this much mayhem is Sara." - Ava
  52. Nice tribute to crew member Scott “Scotty” Carroll who recently passed away.
  53. “Space girl…” I need this song to be released!
    Wow a lot to unpack, not the least of which was Gary has always been an alien in disguise!!! Of course, there were signs and I shoulda guessed, but come on!! Well that is it for this time, until next we meet, stay Legendary!

By the way, this week’s DC Fan Art Club challenge (#dcfac ) was to celebrate my favorite show, the Legends of Tomorrow. All artwork this week is dedicated to the show, so please visit and see the many talented folks who are part of this club. You may even see my rendition of Gary, pre-alien look.


I almost forgot the following items:
54. If it is just a fling, then why does she have you on a juice cleanse, John?
55. “Keep it zen in the brain stem” - Behrad
56. “If I removed and thoroughly dissected her brain we might find something the scan cannot detect, can I proceed?” - Gideon said a little too giddily for my liking.


sara and alex had a one night stand before at barry and Iris wedding


I’ve spent the last 24 hours trying to figure out if gary ever took his glasses off in previous seasons i guess i gotta rewatch the whole show just to confirm :laughing:


Thanks! I had a feeling it was mentioned during one of the crossovers but I couldn’t remember which one


Sooo glad to be back on this!!! Thank you as always @ImpulseMaxMercury for the thorough run down of the episode!

Loved this so much! Mick has matured, and yet is somehow still the same guy. :laughing:

:rofl: true!!!

Yes! Sara has grown so much too! I figured it would happen, but didn’t see it coming on episode 1.

Mick! again, showing growth

I totally didn’t notice that. Now I’m going to listen for it.

I actually agree with Sara, preventing is better than avenging.

General thought: Legends is a show that is completely bonkers (that’s why I love it). Somehow, Gary being an alien is the most sane thing that has happened on the show. It makes complete sense. During the reveal, I actually said outloud “That makes sense”. :laughing:

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It was also yellow and blue if i recall

Yes, about Super 8 to my knowledge. I never saw it.

Yes, about the Spartacus movie. It was “like a biography”.

Thank you. - Behrad.

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Yeah the Gary reveal seems like the most normal thing on this show

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Is there a significance to yellow and blue? Sorry I might have missed it.
Thanks my pop cultured brain retains a lot and it is good to confirm as I get older and lose some knowledge

Yellow and Blue are Dr Fate’s primary colors for his suit.

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Cool thanks! I just figured they were referring to the three Fates from last season

that was more likely what they were going for.

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