Grifter & Batman

So Cole Cash is coming to Gotham. I’ll read it because I like a good trainwreck. The pitch included the rest of the Wildcats, but only Grifter made the cut.

Batman can bully Grifter into not using guns, Cole is good with a blade, but he kills. Last time I checked that’s a firm “don’t do it” from Batman. Try that mess with the rest of the Cats and things might go differently.

While I’m here, Superman leading the Authority is a horrible idea. That’s a trainwreck of epic proportions that not even I want to see.

Yeah I’m probably gonna take the Bat books off my pull list after Joker War. I’m not really a Grifter fan, so it’s probably for the best to wait and see how it goes.

Have fun riding the trainwreck though!

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Maybe it’ll be good? Just a thought.


To Tynion’s credit, he’s a pretty talented writer and I’ve enjoyed his stories so far. I don’t doubt that whatever he’s got in store will be a real hoot to some folks. That said, it might not really be for me.

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What issue is this going to happen?

Right after Joker War in Batman issue #101. Grifter is in the synopsis for the issue.

“Joker War: Aftermath - A new day dawns in Gotham and the horrors of The Joker War are just being realized. A bold new direction for Batman begins as Bruce Waynes circumstances are forever changed. How did the Jokers rampage affected the citizens of the city? And why does Cole Cash—a.k.a.—Grifter, now work for Lucius Fox?!”

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