Green Lantern

you know i think there should be a Green Lantern Blackest Night Animated trilogy. it is like the only way you could perfect the Lantern Corps. whos with me on this ?

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I would totally watch that!

I would watch it, but I am down for any Green Lantern movie, animated or live action. Hell even the Ryan Reynolds movie for all it’s flaws it was still good to finally see Green Lantern in live action.

I would watch it too.

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Wolfie Green Lantern approve

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I expect to see InMagno to be here soon :stuck_out_tongue:


It feels more suited to the serial format of a TV show because of the number of characters and threads that were introduced earlier leading into Blackest Night. If you reworked the structure of the story, I could see it as a movie trilogy, but that just might not be the best medium for it.

I’d definitely watch it anyway, though.

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@Gibby: You know me so well lmao!

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But to the OP: I’m down for it! I need to watch these cartoons you guys keep mentioning to me. I have to find time! :sunglasses:

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I would agree that it is best probably done as an animated series. 13 or 26 episodes 4.5 or nearly 9 hours. Standard DCAU run time is about 1:20min I don’t know if you could do that entire justice in less than 4 hours.

I’m not even sure you can do it justice without first introducing all the GL characters in other movies first. I’d hate to see that movie rushed. Start small with a Green Lantern animated movie series and build toward Blackest Night.

(Also Batman wasn’t in that story. I don’t trust WB to not shoehorn him into the movie and give him all the spotlight.)

I would love an animated series that is based on the johns mega arc in the style of the WB animation team