Green Lantern yellow weakness was really dumb

Im reading older stories and as a fan of Green Lantern thats the one part I just shake my head at mostly because it can be used whenever by whoever.

I believe they changed it with Geoff Johns run for the better

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I think they were trying to be fair to give Green Lantern a little weakness like Superman weakness is Kryptonite. I respect your opinion, it does seem a little dumb but at least Green Lantern manage to beat Sinestro in a hard way. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah I’m not saying Green Lantern shouldn’t have had a weakness but it seemed too broad to me… I’m not a big Superman fan but at least with Kryptonite you can make it a more rare thing that Superman struggles with. Was reading a Teen Titans story and Robin threw his yellow cape in front of GL and that ended that… haha