Green Lantern titles to read.

I’ve never read any Green Lantern books before. What are some of the better books to read for someone wanting to jump in. Doesn’t matter whom the story is about.


Kyle Rayner is my Green Lantern, so I recommend some stuff from his solo series. Issues #66-67 and #71-75 are a good look at his rookie years, and #129-136 is a great story arc after he’s an established hero.


I like the Hal Jordan and the GLC run from, I think, 2016.


Green Lanterns is pretty rad.


GL is amazing.

Check out the current GL by Grant Morrison. Its full of 1 off stories and u dont need to know anything. Its great cop stories in space.

Kyle is pretty great. Thats like the 90s GL issued 80 or 90 +.

The og 60s stuff is pretty fun in a very sci fy way.

GL rebirth by Geoff Johns is great (but u need to know some stuff)

Hal & GLCorp is awesome!

Those are my recommendations.


Literally anything Green Lantern by Geoff Johns. You can start from the very beginning of his run or you can jump in at the beginning of any of the different story events. You can look at his run from the mid 2000s or start at the New 52 Green Lantern title in 2011.

Green Lanterns(2016 Rebirth) with Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz is really friggin good. Jessica has become one of my favorite DC heroes in recent years.


The Green Lantern by Grant Morrison is currently going on so itll be some time before it comes on DCU, but I think its one of DC’s best stories right now and its definitely one of the most critically acclaimed currently.

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Green Lantern Corps is my fave. In my opinion pretty much anything GL is good but I could be a little bias.

Robert Venditti’s run (across the New 52 into DC Rebirth) was a good run. The Grant Morrison / Liam Sharp current run is also very good.

The 2005 Green Lantern series by Geoff Johns and the 2006 Green Lantern Corps series are pretty foundational for the modern mythos for the character. I’d strongly recommend looking into those before you read anything else.

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I would hit the basics then dive into details:

Reign of Superman with GL 46 Destruction of Coast City that leads into 48-50 for changing of the guard

Guy Gardner Warrior 17-21 Emerald Fallout

Then hit GL 51-54 , Zero Hour 4, GL55, ZH 3 and 2, GGWarrior 24, ZH 1 and 0, GGW 0 and GL 0, R.E.B.E.L.S. 1, GL 56, New Titans 115, GL 57, NT 116, GL 58, NT 117, GL 59

Then jump to Parallax View in GL 63-64 after that jump to Final Night 1-4 , GL 80, Green Arrow Rebirth 1, Parallax: Emerald Night, GL 81

Then read Emerald Knights 100-106

Then read Day of Judgement by Geoff Johns, GL 119, and Justice League 55

That is all backstory that sets you up for Green Lantern Rebirth. Granted lots of backstory in Green Lantern, Guy Gardner Warrior, and Justice League if you feel ambitious. But these issues are skeleton and backbone to set you up for and Geoff Johns run along with Sinestro Corp War and Blackest Night / Brightest Day then War of the Green Lanterns then 52 and Rebirth. But lots of great tidbits in between of all these stories.

Few things Emerald Knights is GL 100-106

Meant to say Green Arrow Brightest Day 1 not rebirth

Kyle’s story runs through New Titans and later on Justice League

Hal’s story after Day Of Judgement goes into The Spectre, but they don’t have that run on here along with Day of Judgement. That happens before Green Lantern Rebirth

They need edit buttons on comments. I apologize. Regularly I’m better than this.

GREEN ARROW 1 is the Kevin Smith run for Quiver storyline in 2001-2007 run. It tells of the story between Parallax: Emerald Night and the end of Final Night when Hal visits Ollie’s grave.

I apologize again. I regular dont mess up runs and storylines.

When they get the folder list sharing portion going I have Green Lantern: Emerald Twilight, Emerald Fallout, and Emerald Dawn all in order from GL 48- 59 with all those titles from ZH, NT, GGW, and others in between in order ready to read. Took a while to get together but worth it so not having to bounce back and forth and look up each one. Trick to folders is start at end of story and work to beginning and they will lock in. You can’t gather all titles then arrange in order or it will mix up again so you have to enter them beginning to end.

Have completed folders of The Complete Saga Of Earth 2 from Batman/Superman 1-4 to the end of Earth 2 Society that weaves through Earth 2, World’s End, Convergence, Huntress/Powergirl, Mister Terrific, and any and all titles that crossover that includes 160 issues in order from beginning to end. Same with The Complete New Krypton Storyline from New Krypton to War of the Supermen. The Complete Saga of Forever Evil with Blight, One-Shots, all miniseries and crossovers. Future’s End, Superman Red/Blue, The Multiversity, Superman Reborn, Last Days Of Superman, Batman: Contagion - Cataclysm - War Games - Return Of Bruce Wayne with

Vanishing Point, Return Of Bruce Wayne, Batman and Robin issues, and Batman The Return. DC One Million, The Complete Saga of Wonder Girl/Troia/Donna Troy featuring her appearances and Who is Donna Troy? Storylines including death and return compiling issues from Wonder Woman and different Titans incarnations and miniseries from her 1st appearance to current telling her story also doing this for Jason Todd. Also have folders of small storylines or crossovers like JLA/JSA Lightning Saga, Zero Hour, Batman/Green Arrow: Brotherhood of The Fist, The Final Night, Infinite Crisis, Amazons Attack, Our Worlds At War, Sinestro Corp War, Supperman: Dead Again and other storylines, Kingdom Come/The Kingdom and others.

Working on Batman: Knightfall, Knightquest (Search and Crusade), Knightsend, Prodigal, and Troika mega folder, No Man’s Land, Invasion, Blackest Night, Convergence, Flashpoint, Final Crisis, Countdown, Complete Saga of Infinite Crisis, Superman Trilogy (Death/Funeral/Reign Of The Supermen), Armageddon 2001, Eclipso: The Darkness Within, and others.

So just waiting to have ability to share these folder lists with others who want to read these mega stories or crossovers that cross multiple issues in order.

Emerald Dawn + Emerald Twilight. This is what made me a fan.

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Reign of Supermen and Knightfall is what got me hooked along with seeing cover to Armageddon 2001 2 Then went on search for Crisis On Infinite Earths and before filling the gaps.

Ive been enjoying the Green Lanterns series with Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz.

Have they added Emerald Dawn back? It was a bad decision to pull it off. Half the posts in this thread recommend the story.

Gl is honestly one of the best to read because you can start anywhere but also it’s one big story arc in itself

Emerald Dawn
Emerald twilight
Zero hour
Johns entire run
Morrison’s run
Cosmic Odyssey
Justice league cry for justice
Green lantern/ green arrow