Green Lantern The Movie

Was the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movie really that bad? A few days ago, out of sheer boredom, I popped the Blu-ray in my PS4 and watched the movie again. I probably haven’t seen it, since the Blu-ray came out years ago. I still feel that the Parallax villain was very lame, and that more of Sinestro (and him being the big bad), would have been a better way to go.

After finishing it, I thought it was much better than I remembered it being. Have you seen it lately? Do you still have the same feelings about it that you did when it debuted? Thoughts?


I mean, it wasn’t the greatest movie, but definitely wasn’t the worst I have seen. I do agree about the Parallax villain being lame, and I was looking forward to seeing more of Sinestro. I actually just watched it a couple months back and thought the same thing.


I loved it. I thought Hector was weird, but I was 7. Now I like the movie even more, because I now more about GL.
I thought Reynolds did Hal great, Sarsgaard did Hammond well, Lively was a good Carol.
I feel the CGI was appropriate, because it was a GL movie. For Superman, sure, that would be to much. But Hal’s power is more or less CGI from his mind.
I think most of the hate comes from those who aren’t as invested in DC.




Why isn’t that movie on this app?


When I watched it I didn’t know that much about GL other than what I saw in Super Friends the Bruce Timm cartoons (came out right around the time I had just started getting into comics). I remember liking the movie and not understanding what all the fuss was about. Haven’t felt compelled to rewatch it since, though. Maybe good time to do so.


Its been a while since I watched it. I didn’t think it was as bad as everyone was making it at the time.

Reminds me, I think we were originally supposed to have that Green Lantern Corps movie this year… :frowning:


I rather enjoyed it. Would love to see it on the app.


Not sure what all the hate towards the movie was about. I thought it was good, not great, but good.


I’ve seen worse, but I’ve also had ZERO urges to watch it again in almost 10yrs… so I guess I didn’t love it. I can only jive w/ Ryan Reynolds in the right role & at the time he had JUST appeared as Wade Wilson in Wolverine’s origin. Didn’t help that wasn’t the best movie either.


I enjoyed it and thought the set-up for the sequel was excellent. I like Sinestro being corrupted by the ring instead of being corrupt and choosing the ring. Gave more depth to his character and a reason for him to be bad. Unfortunately, we never got to see how that played out…


I think enjoyed. I feel the villain choices weren’t the best. Sinestro should have been paired with Paralax instead of Hector. I feel he was just a strange choice for the first villain when most people know Sinestro as GLs main bad. Either than that it is a fun watch.


Ryan Reynolds made it somewhat watchable but that CGI was just horrendous. Gotta love when they made fun of that-role in Deadpool as an Easter egg. That was great


I liked the movie. It’s got some problems, but it’s not as bad as most make it out be.


I should probably rewatch it.
I remember thinking that the big issue was using parralax. Just focus on Sinestro as the villain. Give him the anti-hero to villain arc.

GL is a complex world in and of itself. Oa, Guardians, all those sectors, constructs. It’s a lot for a gen pop audience to even take in as a concept.

The flaw was Hal Jordan being the man without fear. Hal Jordan is the man with willpower, to overcome fear, to do the difficult thing in going after a renegade lantern who was his friend and mentor. That is the core of Hal Jordan and it is a psychology the audience can get behind. It’s hard for an audience to relate to being completely without fear.


It’s been awhile since I’ve watched it myself. But from what I can remember, I did enjoy it to an extent. It definitely could’ve been better, what with the CGI, Parallax, and the suit. But it had it’s stand out points. The chemistry between Hal and Carol (married in real life), Ryan Reynold’s portrayal of Hal Jordan and the setup for Sinestro. I’m definitely up for a new Green Lantern movie or even John Diggle taking the ring hopefully sooner than later.


This movie really hurt me as a GL fan. I also convinced my cousin to come see it with me and how cool the Green Lantern Corps were as a concept. Then this came out…

They completely rushed Parallax and anything with Hector Hammond was painful to watch. I vividly remember him smelling Carol Ferris and us being treated to montages of him just…writhing in pain lmao.


Honestly? I think the “Hate” towards the movie just became a Meme or part of Culture, it’s not a bad movie, but a few people disliked it loudly enough that was all anyone heard.

Now it’s a “Boy at least -insert DC movie here- wasn’t as bad as GL!” culture.

which SUCKS.


I enjoyed the movie. But I found his driving capabilities very triggering. I don’t like bad drivers. The movie was good though. Not the best. But it could have given us a good start to Hal.


Ya never thought it was that bad but i tend not agree with the majority of critics. Its ok, not horrible.