Green Lantern: The Animated Series Watchalong [4/26 : 8PM EST]

Greetings Lantern Corps! We are going to continue our Green Lantern: The Animated Series Watchalong! This time, we will have everyone log on to watch episodes 17 and 18, and post below our reactions.

The plan is to watch episode 17 at 2020-04-27T00:00:00Z and episode 18 at 2020-04-27T00:30:00Z, which means stopping the “auto-play-next-episode” thing. The nice thing is that it gives us a few minutes to talk about the episode before starting the next one, and anyone that may have been late can catch up or jump in.

If you’ve missed previous episodes with us, that’s no problem. You can watch them before the event or join in without having watched any of it before. Either way, it’ll be fun. Also, be sure to check out our readalong this week

If you have any questions, feel free to message @LanternCorps, @GreenFantern, or @GL-Batophobia.

@LanternCorps 5 hours until episode 17. If you can make some time half an hour before, there’s also a lantern-related Superman: The Animated Series watchalong that starts 2020-04-26T23:30:00Z

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six minutes!

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less than two minutes!!

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The colors are my favorite thing about the GL mythos

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“Become someone else”
maybe even something else?

Nice, but shouldn’t the other blues be there for this?

It’s early in the blue lantern corps history

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So direct. I like it


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The blues have quite the beautiful planet

I just assumed the lantern corps’ and whatnot just highlights how much DC likes their colors

Aya’s arc is really good.

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Does it by chance involve a worm we saw?

Razer can be pretty B.A. at times

The blues are great. Always love seeing them included

I liked Razer more when i learned he was voiced by Spisak

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less than three minutes!

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20 seconds