Green Lantern Nostalgia

Ok, I’m not too excited about the current run of GLC (Simon and Kyle better not get killed off :pleading_face:) so let’s throw out some good nostalgia from all the years of the Green Lanterns having a GOOD day. Well, a better day.
Personal favorites:
• Hal (50s-60s run) having a lot of weird, unconnected bird related drama, including being turned into a bald eagle

• Kyle being an absolute mood

• Obviously Simon and Jess having their training days

• Anytime things like this happen

Share your great Green Lantern finds below!


My biggest Green Lantern nostalgia is watching him constantly wipe out the Legion of Doom. He was clearly the Super Friends’ MVP.


I thought you said they were killed off and I was about to yell because I’m not caught up yet lol

Green Canary!

Nooo, nope. They’re just doing the whole dramatic “who might die? Everyone? Is no one safe?” game and I’m not here for that anxiety. Just want to read cool stories about space adventures and not high stakes lets kill one or more of them off possibly for drama

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oh lol. I was so worried lol

not sure if this is nostalgic per sae but it’s definitely something that my mind goes to often when I think of the Green Lantern corps, even after a few years

Yep, I mean, nothings clear. They’re obviously going to leave everything up in the air the first few issues to build plot but yeah. I doubt they’re really going to kill any of them or they know they’d alienate a large section of readers.

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I find most storylines where somebody actually dies to be very bad unless it is an elseworlds. When it happens in-continuity it normally seems really forced like A Death in the Family, the death of Sylvester, or Eclipso’s rampage.

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