This movie has a bad reputation but to be honest I loved it most of the negative feedback I feel are made by people who never seen the movie


The movie had a bad director. And 3 story lines to follow. Ryan did the best he could with these complications. The movie was fine, but could have been better.

I saw it. In the theater on opening weekend. It’s awful.

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I thought it was a decent movie, I just always felt that with the right movie or TV show Green Lantern (the Hal Jordan one with all due respect to the others) had all the tools to become something up there with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. So I was disappointed when I saw the movie which was clearly not going to take him there. But I don’t think it was deserving of the hate it got.


Saw it in midnight awful would not mind extended cut on here.

Green Lantern was not bad because of the special effects or the cast- though Ryan Reynolds jokes about it now, he was a great Hal Jordan and Mark Strong is the PERFECT Sinestro. Green Lantern failed because it had a director who did not know, respect or care about the character.


Facts. The male lead, the director, and the original editor of the movie have all made the same statement. Not one of them had seen the theatrically released version of the movie, or the so called DVD director’s cut. And their version, the movie they thought they made, has never been seen by a wide audience. I do not hate the movie. I like it in many ways. But I would like a release of that original cut.

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Fun Fact: Stuart Baird edited Green Lantern. He was also the editor of Superman: The Movie.


The casting was good, and there were some good parts. But the direction and editing were just all over the place. I would have loved to have seen a sequel with a different director.

I rather liked it. Though i agree the editing was all over the place. I believe a sequel would have on the mark, that is if they learned their lesson.

I liked it

CGI was where it needed to be, wasn’t a bad movie. Hopefully, Green Lantern Corps. does it some justice.