Green Lantern Movie - What Went Wrong

Why did the 2011 Green Lantern film fail?
The cast was good, the acting was good, the story was good and the affects were good too, so what was it?

In my opinion it was the way it was edited and directed. The director, Martin Campbell, just couldn’t pull it off. If the film could be re-edited it could be made better.

What do you think?

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Who knows? The Doctor Strange movie from a couple of years ago was oddly similar to Green Lantern in terms of everything: plot, characters, tone, etc., and yet Doctor Strange performed well, but Green Lantern didn’t.

I personally think having a liberal director in charge of a conservative character sets the movie up for failure. Plus, Berlanti tends to overkill the CGI tricks at times.

Like most origin stories, the movie fell apart once the major conflict started and came to a climax. It felt like they didn’t know how to handle the villain and the final battle. The film was decent during the training and “fish out of water scenes” but once we get back to earth the whole thing falls apart.
Shame too, would have loved to see Mark Strong fully play Sinestro.

@abfgmsw, that is clearly an an opinion that is not based on fact. Hal Jordan has for the most part portrayed as a rebellious risk taking hothead, which is not the ideal of a conservative. Secondly, if you are going to pick someone to be a Green Lantern you are going to want someone who will be willing to accept different cultures and different political values. Conservative are not willing to accept that (it is in their name). Finally, there are lots of liberal directors in the motion picture industry and they have made great films about both conservative and liberal characters. I don’t think Mel Gibson would have done any better a job with Green Lantern than Bruce Campbell did. The reasons why it disappointed was because the actually market for the film (little kids) did not match the market the was going to see the film (young adults). Next time they should tailor and market the film to Star Wars fans.


Yet, space cops tend to have similar characteristics with our police; and, our police officers are known to be conservative. Plus, there was that 1980s or so run with Green Arrow and Green Lantern where they were liberal and conservative, respectfully. Also, Arrow (a liberal character) does well because it involves a liberal executive producer.

It actually HAD bad acting, bad writing bad dialogue. As a green lantern fan it was terrible

What happened to GL was the same thing that happens to most DC movies when they misfire and that’s meddling on the executive level by suits who automatically think superheroes and comic books equate to obvious humor and toy sales. That’s what sunk the Reeve Superman movies and Joel Schumacher has come out and said that was his marching orders when he took over the Batman movies from Tim Burton.

I’m certain Martin Campbell can take some blame for GL’s reception but the director who magnificently rebooted James Bond twice and made an exciting Zorro movie in this century was more than up to the task of bringing the GLC to the silver screen.

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^^^Yup, that about covers it. It was also just kind of generic and basic. It isnt bad, but it didnt really do anything fresh. They just picked a popular leading man and applied the “superhero movie formula” and expected that to be enough.

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It just wasn’t compelling and it was written as a live action cartoon for 5 year olds. Justice League had this same problem. Simple as that. It was perfectly mediocre and after TDK, Spiderman 2 and X-Men people are too sophisticated to watch live action toy commercials.