Green Lantern Emerald Knights question

Are any of the stories in Green Lantern Emerald Knights based on actual comics?I just watched Emerald Knights and saw all of the individual credits but couldn’t find any info when I searched for info on the movie. I really liked the story about Laira.

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I don’t know about Liara and I don’t know any issue numbers, but I do know that the Kilowog origin is a story from Peter Tomasi’s run of GLC and that the Mogo and Abin Sur stories were backups written by Alan Moore.


Thanks for the help.

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Haven’t seen the movie, but I looked it up and most of the stories are based on comic stories:

The framing story is apparently loosely based on the Tales of the Green Lantern Corps miniseries from 1981.
Mogo Doesn’t Socialize is from Green Lantern Vol 2 188 (from the 1960 series, published in 1985).
Laira’s origin is from Green Lantern Corps Quarterly Vol 1 6 (from 1993).
The Abin Sur story is from Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual Vol 1 2 (from 1986).

I can’t figure out where the other two stories (there are two I’m missing, right?) came from, though.

Thanks BatJamags. This is one of the reasons I love this community, I searched for this info and found nothing which is why I asked here.