Green lantern arc order

Im trying to figure out which GL arcs show/give the origin of all the various colors. If I am not mistaken there are three main GL arcs for all of this.

The Sinestro Corps Wars
Blackest Night
Brightest Day

Is this the correct order. Am I missing an arc.


Rebirth (first introduced the concept of the spectrum and the emotional entities)
The Sinestro Corps War
Secret Origins (gives background on both Atrocitus and Black Hand)
Rage of the Red Lanterns
Sins of the Star Sapphires (an arc in Tomasi’s Green Lantern Corps)
Agent Orange
Blackest Night
Brightest Day
War of the Green Lanterns (gives greater background on the spectrum and the emotional entities)
The Revenge of Black Hand (history of the Indigo Tribe)
Rise of the Third Army/Wrath of the First Lantern (reveals the full origin of how the Guardians made the Green Lantern Corps)

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Many thanks.