Green Lantern Animated Series

Ok, so let me start by saying back when Green Lantern The Animated Series was on regular television, I wanted to give it a watch but my work schedule at the time didn’t really allow for it so I never got to see it. And in all honesty in the years since, I kind of forgot this show was a thing and never really took time to track down the episodes. When I saw that the series was on DCU, I instantly remembered and watched episode 1 right away. I remember back when the show first came out and seeing the commercials for it and I remember not being quite “sold” on the CGI animation style. Well let me say that animation actually works PERFECTLY for this series! Next let me say, I had NO IDEA that the series used a lot of the Geoff Johns Green Lantern comic book run as it’s base. Geoff’s GL run will forever be one of my absolute favorite long-term comic book tales and this show adapts the the material in a fun way! Are things a bit different than those comics? Sure! But their good differences that keep things interesting! I’m only on episode 6 or 7, but I already absolutely adore this show. Seeing favorite characters from that beloved Geoff Johns Run, like Saint Walker and Atrocitus in animation freakin’ rocked! And I love their portrayal of good 'ol Sgt. Kilowog. And of course they NAILED the character of Hal Jordan. I can’t wait to binge more of this show. Also, on a side note, where was all the merchandise for this show!? It doesn’t seem like there was much. This show was VERY “toy-etic”. Had it come out in the 1990’s there would have been several waves of action figures and vehicles and some sort of play set I’m sure. Not to mention GL Animated series t-shirts, and notebooks, and lunch boxes lol. Hey DC Universe folks…how about some NEW seasons of GL The Animated Series exclusive to the app similar to what you guys have done with Young Justice!? And maybe a cool exclusive action figure or two (or ten lol) in the shop!


Hopefully DC picks it up, would not mind 8/10/12 episode seasons.


Definitely. Way underrated storytelling. I think part of what killed it was that the Ryan Reynolds GL movie around the same time bombed. Killed the studio support, i suspect. Unfortunately, as this show was fantastic. Bring it back!


I’m with you, dude! GL: TAS is my favorite cartoon DC has ever put out. The show likely wouldn’t have been made without the 2011 film to spark interest. But that same movie is why it died so soon… Justice for Green Lantern: TAS! Our only hope is for DC Universe to hear our pleas and find a way to resurrect this beloved cartoon! Preferably without a Black Lantern Power Ring…

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