Green Lantern (2011)

I really enjoy watching this movie, I just wish they made a sequel, I think it would’ve been a hit and better then the first movie. I think the reason why this movie wasn’t a hit is because of the villian name Hecter Hammond, I didn’t notice the first few time, then I realize the problem is Hecter seem to scream in pain in almost every scene he is in, beside that the movie has a great special effect, I think if people over look the screaming villian and enjoy the special effect would really like this movie. If I had to rate it, I would give this movie 4 out of 5 stars. :slight_smile:


It isn’t as bad as made out to be but it ain’t great. Underrated and yet mediocre.

6 or 7/10

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I’ve tried rewatching it and I end up tuning out by the time he leaves Oa.

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Also it was really dumb to start off the first movie with Parallax

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@dglasco7.90621 I feel the same. I liked everything up to his return to Earth. I would have prefered the film end with the Corp battling some random alien race menacing another random alien planet, or like, maybe the Manhunters. Just not something on such a scale as Parallax to start a series.

This movie had all the pieces, just an awful writer and director. Ryan Reynolds was fine as Hal Jordan, Mark Strong killed it as Sinestro, and the special effects weren’t even that bad, and it had one of the best end credit scenes in a superhero film ever.


For what the movie is, it’s enjoyable. Mark Strong was great as Sinestro. The best thing about the movie is that it paved the way for Green Lantern: Emerald Knights and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. For all of the Green Lantern goodness we got in 2011 (including the New 52 GL titles), the movie was probably on the lower end of the spectrum.


I also agree about the climax being kind of weak. It would have been better if the movie ended elsewhere and then the sequel started with Hal coming back to Earth after having been in space with the Corps for several months.

While Parallax should have been saved for a later movie, I do like that Clancy Brown voiced him. Neat to see him involved in a live action effort.

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This was by far not the best DC film to date, but I think I can name at least a half dozen it beats the snot out of. Oh, what the heck: Superman IV, Catwoman, Batman and Robin, Batman Forever, Johah Hex, Steel, Suicide Squad. That’s more than six. And with Warner’s track record who knows if that list won’t grow in the future?

With a post credit scene like the one they had, I really cannot comprehend why they didn’t make a sequel.

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It’s ok overall. The stuff in space was really good. Sinestro was amazing as well as Abin Sur and all the alien GLs. OA looked great. Parallax was a dumb yellow cloud.
Everything on Earth was horrible and cheap looking. Press conference at Ferris Air looked cheap with like 20 extras. Hector Hammond just didn’t work as well as Carol Ferris. I’m a fan of Blake but she was miscast. Ryan was good but he was born to play Deadpool.

I think its gets a lot of hate because it had ‘epic potential’. I think the fans have such high expectations for their heroes that nothing short of perfect will do. The movie had it’s flaws but it also has it’s moments (Abin Sur Crashing, the scenes on OA, the fight with parallax until he went to space). It doesn’t deserve to be put in the awful category. They tried to make an origin story but should have followed the First Flight plot more without Sinestro turning yellow (save that for the sequel). Any GL movie should be 90% in space.
What I didn’t like were both Villains, lack of imagination with the constructs, the training on OA needed to be longer, the way PARallax was defeated, but I really hated when Sinestro gave his speech and ended it with “we are the corp”. Why didn’t they recite the OATH?

Tomar-Re is another highlight. I thought he and the other aliens were well done. Kilawog 's face was kind of eh, but the personality was there thanks to Duncan’s inflections.

I saw the movie twice in theaters. The first was on opening night and when Hammond showed up with his big noggin’, some people in the audience laughed which was annoying. The second time was goober free.