Green Arrow TV show (1970's)

As a young kid back in the 70’s I recall there being a TV show titled Green Arrow. It maybe lasted 2 seasons. I think it was on CBS or ABC and was on too late for me to watch except in the summer. This would have been between 1976-1979 IIRC. The show took place in Colorado I think as I remember their being lots of mountains that remind me of the Rockies.

However I can’t find ANYTHING on it…not on IMDB anyway. I am hoping that eventually it is put on here at DC Universe…as I’d really like to see it as an adult and be able to understand all it dealt with.

Am I remembering correctly? Does ANYONE else remember this show at all?


I’d love to see it.

I couldn’t find anything on it but maybe someone else knows.

I can’t find anything on it either…which I find to be strange. Maybe I am completely mis-remembering. It was around 40 years ago and I was under at most 9 years old.

Sure you’re not thinking Green Hornet or challenge of the Super Friends?

I know it wasn’t Green Hornet…no Bruce Lee…and the scene that I remember most was GA zip lining across a ravine.

Mandela Effect strikes again? I have never heard of that at all