Green Arrow (Justice League) Recommendations??

Does anyone have recommendations on Green Arrow??

I’m looking for Justice League stories that feature Oliver specifically…

Or any other stories that are not listed when you search “Green Arrow.”

The best Oliver Queen stuff is the Vol. 3 I believe. When he came back from the dead written by Kevin Smith. That entire series is worth a read.

The 80s Mike Grell stuff hasnt aged that well. Ollies death was sort of anti-climactic.

As far as current Ollie stuff, I enjoyed Ben Percy run on and off. The tail end of New 52 was cool with a werewolf Ollie, and the beginning of the rebirth stuff is nice. Honestly the current rebirth stuff has kind of lost me.

As far as JL stories, maybe try the Fall of Arsenel story? Or Final Night. I havent read much Justice League but I remember him in those. Good luck!


Oooh and lastly, you can skip the Kevin Smith run in that series and jump right to the Judd Winnick stuff that starts around issue 20 i think it was.

Fair warning, pretty much all those stories are irrelevent to Ollies character nowadays tho.

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I know it’s a one off but check out Brave and the Bold comic with Green Arrow guest starring with Batman. It’s late 60’s/early 70’s and has rich playboy Oliver Queen and his new costume with beautiful art of Neal Adams. Definitely of its time and worth a look.

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