Green Arrow #50 Reaction

Did you guys enjoy the last issue of the run??? I thought it was a little confusing if you hadn’t read the other issues, but it was actually pretty good. So sad to see this run end!

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i actually haven’t had the chance to read it myself i am a bit behind but i look forward to it. i am sad that the run is ending though

I didn’t understand the box at the end

Nor Black Canary constantly switching sides.

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I enjoyed it. During Benjamin Percy’s run, this series was my favorite GA book ever (and remains so). Afterwards it was a bit hit and miss but it remained an enjoyable read to the end.

According to Dan DiDio, this series was doing well but based on what they have planned for GA outside his series, they felt it best to end the ongoing so he wouldn’t be splintering off into different directions.

Much like James Bond, Green Arrow will return.

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