Green Arrow 1987 to 1998

There are several large gaps in this series, which effect crossovers with Green Lantern and Flash where you have the Flash and/or Green Lantern part but not the Green Arrow part. Missing 101 to 109. You have 110 and 111 then another huge gap 112 to 133 is missing. Can we please get them in, having just a few missing but that effect both Green Arrow and crossovers you have parts of really makes it suck.

Thank you.

Hey @Hmmadness.50846! :wave:

Thank you for the feedback - we are aware that these issues are currently missing from the platform. In the future, we do have a thread here: Comic Book Print to Digital Request Thread where you can post these kinds of requests for specific comics that are not currently a part of DCUI. We then take these requests and add them to an internal list that we send to the team responsible for the comics; while we can’t guarantee an exact time that comics will be added, please know that your voice is being heard.

I’ve added your support for these issues to that list. Thank you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :0_green_arrow: