greatest show on DC universe

What is the best show you seen so far

Constantine :dizzy_face: by far


Constantine. no competition.


Young justice


I’ve been binging nothing but Static Shock, oops :man_shrugging:t4:

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Batman The Animated Series and Justice League shows. Haven’t seen Constatine though

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Constantine is one of my favs!


Justice League & Teen Titans

Young Justice…barely over Constantine

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Constantine is great, it just suffers from an unsatisfying conclusion because NBC(or was it ABC?) wasnt seeing Arrow or The Flash level of ratings and pulled the plug before the show could find its footing.

I love watching Batman Beyond again, now after getting into the latest issues in the comic series I like seeing the origin of my favorite Batman.

Justice League Unlimited’s Cadmus/Brainiac arc is still one of the best TV plot lines, let alone DC, that I’ve ever watched.

Young justice best movie batman under the red hood

Young Justice easily.

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Greatest show?..its the the circus show featuring the The Flying Graysons, of course!

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Justice League Animated is probably the best overall show, at least for me. While it wasn’t as aesthetically pleasing as JLU or Young Justice, the writing and overall character development is the most entertaining. It’s very subtle, but there’s little gems littered throughout both seasons that adds dimension to the team.

Like when Batman, Flash, and MM were super bros for John when he was dealing with Hawkgirl’s other fling. Or when Supe invited MM over for Christmas.

Almost all of the stories and arcs are amazing. Even though the fight animations are inferior to the more recent shows, it still had some great “OH $H!T!” moments:

Like when WW teamed up with Hawkgirl to fight Aresia and her female squad, or when Flash fought Sinestro, and later in that episode the team collided in an all out brawl with the Secret Society in the football stadium.

If they decide to make another Justice League Animated season, I hope they focus on the original core, or at least model it after Scott Snyder’s JL team.

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Young Justice is the best. But its nice to rewatch the OG Teen Titans simce you cant stream it anywhere else.