greatest green lantern?

Who is the best green lantern and why? My pick is hal jordan. Love what Geoff John’s did with him during his run

Agreed, it’s Hal especially with what Johns did with him

Kyle rayner

My favorite is Kyle Rayner. He was “my” first GL, really.


I would also have to say he’ll Jordan all the way especially during Blackest Night!

Sinestro! Infact he was so great he had to make his own Lanter Corps :upside_down_face:

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Hal Jordan

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John Stewart. I’m from Michigan originally (though in Ohio now) and so is John Stewart (Detroit). He has an interesting, grey moral ground, a trouble wirh authority figures, has a great storyline where he makes big mistakes and has to seek redeption (and especially try to get back in J’onn J’onzz good graces after the events of the “Cosmic Odyssy”). The “Green Lantern: Mosaic” storyline itself is good enough to make him my favorite Green Lantern.

I know that Hal is a “better” Lantern but I be damned if I wouldn’t rather have Stewart by my side in a fight given ALL he’s been through.

Kyle Rayner

My favorite is Guy, then Hal.

Greatest is Hal Jordan. I like the idea they are using multiple GLs from Earth for the GLC movie coming up.

John Stewart. He leads the Corps and that makes him the best.

Kyle Rayner is the best hands down.
He has the bast story. Him as ion is beast.

John stwart

Hal Jordan is the embodiment of a Green Lantern to me, though I like how each Lantern is allowed to be different and strong in their own ways. John is a better strategist and overall leader, but I like Hal’s spirit/tone more. In the recent run, Hal says Kyle is a better overall Lantern (i.e. the White Lantern thing), but I never really got into Kyle as an ultra-Lantern… he seemed too unsure of too many things for my taste. Kilowog and Mogo are awesome.